How does everyone feel about bloggers leaving links in the comments? Is this cool to do?

I personally don’t mind at all because I like finding new blogs,  just wanted to see what everyone else thought because I’m pretty new at the blogging world and would like to leave my link in the future but I don’t want to look rude.  I’m not one to spam comments,  if I comment,  it’s because I read the post and want to contribute

11 thoughts on “Question.

  1. I don’t know I have only read one other blog. I enjoy yours a lot but I would love to see a video because I do better with video than reading it. My crazy learning problem not your fault. You explain it very well.


    1. When I have the proper equipment I’ll be branching out to video. I am going see what I can do with my phone and play around with editing on the computer. If it comes out well I’ll upload it to my youtube. 🙂


  2. I too don’t mind people sharing links in comments. Indeed it is helpful in the sense it helps me to discover new blogs and how other fellow bloggers are working through their blog. Thanks for raising this interesting topic !!


  3. I don’t mind it because I always like discovering new blogs but I think it’s kind of rude if someone asks you to check out and follow their blog if they choose not to follow your blog back. It’s just common courtesy.


    1. Great, thanks. I feel the same way. Being new to this platform I’m still trying to find new blogs and how the community works. My previous blogging experience has been in the sims 2 community and this is a bit different. So far its been a positive experience though and I’m hooked. I love the technical side of it and it feels like I’m really accomplishing something. It’s fufilling.


      1. I’ve been on this platform for about a year now and as long as you’re respectful, no body really minds if you promote your blog. Most bloggers love finding new blogs to follow 🙂

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  4. Same here..just recently got into blogsphere 🙂 i find it quite interesting to read the reviews and tips rather than watch it and i am big fan of writing so…blogging is awesome and also your posts..i find it quite helpful

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