Pre-writing your blog?

How many of ya’ll write up blogs and save them as drafts?  I seem to do this a lot.  Especially since this weekend I’ll not be able to blog because I’m having floors installed,  have to break down my makeup area and work station.  Fortunately, a lovely friend of mine let me use her laptop so I can publish and type but I can’t edit photos on it.  Anyway,  I have 1 tutorial complete and will be posted tomorrow,  doing another tonight, I have a review typed up and an overview of a collection to post.  Pretty much from Thursday on I’m gonna be a busy bunny.  I can’t wait to get the floors finished though so I can redo all my decorating I had to take down.  I’m going to do a post on how I decorate too once everything is done.  I excited to write about that.  I also may be doing a post on a cosmetic procedure should things work out.  I’m going for a consultation soon and will find out if it’s possible.  It’s an eye lift,  nothing major.  It’s to correct a congenital issue with my lids.  I have paralysis is both lids but my left is worse so they may be able to even them out. Fingers crossed.

I also purchased glasses today,  can’t wait until they come in!  I hope everyone else is have a good week and I’ll see you tomorrow with a tutorial.

Bee you!

7 thoughts on “Pre-writing your blog?

  1. Don’t mess up that beautiful face, but I will keep u in my thought. I may have to come see those floors. Take care. Can’t wait for the next post.


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