MOTD Featuring Tarte and Pumpkin!

Today I had a dental appointment, little bit of work done on the right side. I’m very happy with the results. The pictures below are from before the appointment, afterward I got back home and crashed. I’ve got an appointment on the 8th to have work on the left side done. I’m quite pleased with my new dentist too. He was so gentle can nice, made jokes the whole time. He was kind of a goober but in a good, lovable way. He called me Annie the whole time, not sure if he was just calling me that or thought that was my name. Some how I didn’t mind being called Annie. It’s cute. It was also my paternal grandmother’s name after who I’m named. That reminds I need to get my dad to tell me more about his side of the family. I know hardly anything about his mom or dad. I know he never met his father but his name was Aaron. I don’t think my dad knows anything about his father either. All I really know about my dad’s side is that they are from the middle of nowhere on the Mississippi Delta, some miles from Memphis. They worked picking cotton until they packed up in dump truck and moved here to work at my aunt’s diner. I just found out the other day where in MS they were from. I assumed it was just across the state lines all this time.

Okay, enough yammering. On to the MOTD. LOL.

and Ms Pumpkin’s Fotd

She was being so cute today, poor baby. She’s been a bit under the weather, her lady times. She’s back to her silly self though.


I can’t wait for it to cool off, I hear tale of a cool front.

I’ve added some pictures to my Look Book Page!

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