Classic Smoky Eye Using The Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye Contour Palette

Here’s my take on the classic smoky eye. Below is a step by step on how to get this look.
 photo ssferef_zpsuu4ghnqb.jpg

Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye Contour Palette
 photo transitionbaseshade_zpsqj8mrinj.jpg
 photo lowerlid_zpsqdhlrjat.jpg First I laid down a base shade using Laetus, then lightly dusting Samael into the crease area as a transition shade. Then built up the intensity with Solas. Also bringing the shades underneath the eye to smoke out the lower lash line.
 photo linerbase_zpsh4ybqgh8.jpg
I then added black liner and blended it up to the crease and lined the water line.
 photo shaxlid_zps7bz88tz4.jpg
I carefully added Shax to the lid and lower lash line .
 photo blended and shimmer_zpsb9v7dqov.jpg
Then I blended Shax upward and out to create a smoky haze of black. I also added more of the transition shades to help smoothly blend. Finally adding a touch of a while gold shimmer to the inner corner.

 photo sgrsgsfsef_zpsnwshq5uh.jpg
 photo Unsgrefesefetitled_zps75fipjb8.jpg I finished off the look with a soft blush and nude lip.

Short and Simple walk through for a basic smoky eye, with all the focus on the eyes. Stick around for more tutorials, reviews and fashion coming this month and don’t forget to check out my past tutorials!

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