Of Cosmetic Surgery and Summer Colds.

I have got one heck of a summer cold! Ugh! Drippy nose and eyes, and such congestion. My head is doing me in. Kind of putting a damper on my blogging, but back to the grind.  Just wanted to give a personal update because I’ve had quite a busy couple of weeks. New flooring is being installed. Currently, my living room is done, next weekend the hall, office, and shoe molding. I’m really excited for it to get done so I can get settled back in and throw an engagement party!

Now onto the Cosmetic Surgery, as I said before I was looking into an eye lift. Ten years ago I attempted to have one to correct my congenital Ptosis but it couldn’t be done at the time without it causing more harm than help since I have paralysis in my eyelid muscles meaning they have very little function aside from being about to blink and close. Essentially, I can’t open my eyes very wide, and the left one is worse than the right. It’s not terrible looking, in fact, it’s a fairly mild case compared to most I’ve seen. When I was little it was very prominent but as I’ve aged my lids have become more hooded and it’s become far less visible.

Ptosis as a child
Ptosis as an adult

However, I went back Friday and my eye doctor told me about a more drastic procedure that could be done to correct my lid height. I’ll be seeing a plastic surgeon in a few weeks to talk it over but it sounds pretty invasive and the recovery is long. There’s basically a six month adjustment period where you have to get used to your eye being open more, lots of drops, eye patches at night. It feels kind of daunting. The procedure itself consists of attaching the lid muscle to the brow muscle, giving it more mobility and lift. You’ll be able to control lid movements with your eyebrows but you’ll also have to learn how to do that normally, and another drawback is you may not be able to close your eye at least for a while. There are lots of pros and cons.

Frontalis Sling


It’s a lot to think over. Will it be worth it? I’ve had these eyes for 28 years and in that time I’ve grown used to it, I know how to angle a picture so it’s not obvious and tricks to hide it with makeup. Does it really bother me enough to do something this drastic? My ginky eye is kind of a part of me now.

8 thoughts on “Of Cosmetic Surgery and Summer Colds.

  1. You r beautiful and u can’t tell u even have it anymore. Too much sugar for a dime my grandma always said. Way too much stuff involved. I totally agree I wouldn’t do it. Love ya.

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