What’s in my bag?!

I love these “What’s in my bag” posts, I’m just nosey I guess. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do one myself, so here goes!

Here’s my bag. I saw it at Target and had to have it. It’s my style these days. Black and gold with a touch of class. 😉

What’s inside, you ask? Well, let’s find out.

Good God, Lemon! What a mess.

Starting off with the makeup. These are the products I’ve used lately and tossed into my bag.

These glosses I usually keep in my bag all the time. A Marc Jacobs sample, UD sample and a Bath and Body Works gloss.

Perfumes I usually keep with me. Marc Jacobs Honey is my favorite.

Typical purse junk. Notebook and a hoard of pens.

My favorite sunglasses.

 photo 20150823_001912_zpszt943jhj.jpg
Mirror and hand sanitizer.
 photo 20150823_001939_zpsagb9c1ml.jpg
 photo 20150823_002028_zpsvehmz4bc.jpgThis little bag I keep various hair bits.
 photo 20150823_002034_zps1agddmy6.jpgMore perfume… And yes one of those is a super old Rimmel one.
 photo 20150823_002102_zpslukkyxd0.jpgTangled up old headphones I never use.
 photo 20150823_002224_zpsl4knjiev.jpgCrap from the eye doctor and glasses store.
 photo 20150823_002140_zpsfuwswtq7.jpgKeys. Most my key chains are sentimental. The Kathy Van Zeeland one was off my mother’s last purse, The buffalo nickel is off my dad’s keys. He gave it to me ages ago with his house key on it and now I keep my house key on it. BSB key chain was from when I was a kid, thought it was funny to have it on my keys now. The Woodchuck bottle I got St. Pats day one year. I don’t drink ciders but if I did it would be the raspberry Woodchuck. They give me such bad heartburn though.
 photo 20150823_002324_zpszrvdeexb.jpgRewards card and shopping list
 photo 20150823_002347_zps5btovhbk.jpgWipes and a sparkle lighter.
 photo 20150823_002513_zpsnku2ojgn.jpgAnother pen, spare change and Save The Dates to hand out still.   photo 20150823_002529_zpsiwsxb1fe.jpg                                                          Wallet.

 photo 20150823_002617_zpszmtewij2.jpgRewards cards of course and my AFI Fan Club card.
 photo 20150823_002936_zps5asuludy.jpgPictures I keep in my wallet and a couple of fortunes.
 photo 20150823_003005_zpscns8umcz.jpgThis is a pic of my mom I love.
 photo 20150823_003019_zpski3degey.jpgMy grandma and uncle
 photo 20150823_003110_zpsb1d96hxc.jpgA special note from my bff that’s been stuck in my wallet forever.And that’s it, aside from a ton of receipts and trash.Don’t forget to check out some of my previous post!Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect ReviewPurple Smoky Eye Feat. Urban Decay’s Vice 2Of Cosmetic Surgery and Summer Colds.

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