MOTD and a Small Collective Haul of Makeup and Home Decor

Good Morning Beauty Bees! I have a Make of the day and a small haul of things I acquired through the weekend. This weekend was pretty busy with home improvement, cooking, and cleaning but I did venture out of the house to a few stores to pick up odds and ends. Our In-laws who have been amazing by the way stayed over all weekend to help complete the new floors. Well, the Mr and his father handled the floors while his mother and I did the cooking and tidying up after them.

Anyway, let’s begin with yesterday’s MOTD. The Mr’s glasses came in and he also treated me to a nice lunch at Outback. This is the makeup I wore.

I didn’t get a chance to get pictures until the end of the day actually so please excuse the wear and tear. LOL. I’ve been having a heck of a time with dry skin as you can see.

 photo motd9115 2_zpsfeu0tsyl.jpgAnd with glasses.

On to the HAUL!

 photo haul9115_zpsodyp4p4m.jpg

First up, makeup.

 photo 20150831_172857_zpsxmrdercp.jpg
Berry Amore by Milani

I went to the local grocery store, Super 1 for a few things for this week’s dinner and of course I manage to pass by the small cosmetics section which oddly has a huge Milani display and not much else. I can usually find all the products that are out of stock at the Super 1 rack rather than the drugstore. I picked up Berry Amore Baked Blush yesterday. It’s simply gorgeous. I can’t say enough good things about Milani’s blushes and lipsticks.

 photo macvivaglam2_zpsakaftesq.jpg

We cut through Dillard’s on the way to Vision Works to pick up the Mr’s glasses. Mac just opened a small try out counter inside our Dillard’s. Much Excite!!! Soooo, I got to purchase my first Mac product. Viva Glam II. I can’t wait to go back and get more. LOL. I know I could have ordered online all this time but I like to swatch and touch things first. Now that I know I like their lipstick, if our Mac stand shuts down I’ll not mind buying online.

 photo 20150831_173111_zpsayz2fcoa.jpg

Next up Fred’s. I don’t know how common Fred’s stores are outside the south but it’s basically a Dollar General with more. This little nail kit was the first thing I spotted when I walked in and I needed it, needed it. LOL. It has gold pyramid studs and glitter! So cute. I can’t wait to see how it works. This kit was only $4 too.Then CVS.

 photo Auto-Graphite_zpsqowtbko6.jpg
Pop-arazzi Nail Polish in Auto-Graphite
 photo Dont need no Romeo_zpsfldjdkmf.jpg
Pop-arazzi Nail Polish in Don’t Need No Romeo
 photo moneyhoney_zpsx3gyskhn.jpg
Pop-arazzi Nail Polish in Money Honey
 photo sapphiredesire_zpsggfhg0cv.jpg
Pop-arazzi Nail Polish in Sapphire Desire

 Because I always need more nail polish!

Now for the non-beauty items

 photo 20150901_094035_zpsfezgkh3v.jpg

The main reason we went to Fred’s was rugs. We picked up this pretty runner for the hallway. As you can see it’s Pumpkin approved!

 photo 20150901_091506_zpseuzxfpmo.jpg

We also picked this rug up for the office to protect the new wood floor from out rolling chairs.

 photo sgS_zpseucple9l.jpg

And finally we got Pumpkin a new toy that she ripped the stuffing out of in minutes of course but she had a blast while the fun lasted. Today I have to sort this mess out and try to get my workspace set back up. We rearranged our office so I’m working on creating a more functional space. My lighting is kind of wonky at the moment so I’m going to go lamp shopping soon.

 photo 20150901_091613_zpsugz4zhrw.jpgThat’s the only bit of the mess. LOL.

Back to the grind now, Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for more!

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