Buxom Mascara Bar Review

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TYPE: “Full & Fabulous™ – molded ball tips power through lashes for lavish fullness from roots to ends”

Today I have a review of The Buxom Mascara Bar in Full and Fabulous. This mascara comes in a variety of seven different types, with unique wands that provide a specific effect. The Buxom Mascara Bar is exclusive to Sephora and retail for $22.00

Types and Descriptions provided by Sephora:

  • Full & Fabulous™: Its molded ball tips power through lashes for lavish fullness from roots to ends.
  • Big & Bushy™: The ultra-bushy bristles layer on massive volume for maximum lash length.
  • Curl & Contour™: An angled brush that hugs, contours, and shapes for head-turning curves.
  • Thick & Defined™: Its flexi-bristles and tapered tip create maximum thickness and ultimate definition.
  • Strong & Long™: A sleek, chic brush shaped to tease lashes to extreme lengths.
  • Itty Bitty™: This small but mighty brush discovers and amplifies your tiniest lashes.
  • Lush & Lifted™: One side of this brush builds ultra-plush lushness, while the other separates and lifts lashes to sky-high lengths.

The application was very nice of this mascara. Vanity™ Lash Mascara has a thin formula that layers well with out clumping and is designed to work with all the different brushes in this collection. I like the delicate effect it gave my lashes. There was something graceful about this formula and I really enjoy it.  The Vanity Lash Mascara formula also is infused with Biotin, Provitamin B5, shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil and paraben free. All in all this mascara is another win in my book!

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