Cake, cake, cake… Wedding Series

Cue the Rihanna song cause we’re about to talk Wedding Cake!

A wedding cake can cost you anywhere from $50 to upward $1000. Crazy right? For something that’s either going to be eaten and leftovers tossed or frozen. Yet, it’s a wedding fixture. I personally would like a simple two tier cake with my colors. Nothing crazy. Wal-Mart had a cute one for $50. However, I’m not familiar with the bakery there or how the cake would end up. So, I choose to shop around more. Problem was most the boutique bakeries around here didn’t have the best reviews for cakes or they were really expensive. In the last few years there has been a boom of boutique bakeries opening up, most not lasting long enough to even build a reputation.

Our other local options are a couple bakeries that have been open for 30 + years. One being known for donuts more than anything and the cake examples they did have left much to be desired. They looked homemade at best, that left the higher end bakery known for amazing cakes and the price reflected it. You could easily end up spending $500 or more there on a fairly basic cake. I’ll keep looking thank you.

Luckily, I have a cousin who works at our local super market as a baker and not only is this bakery well-known locally for good quality. They are affordable.  I went over there a few weeks ago and looked at the huge book of options and see what cakes they had on display. Within minutes I found the one I wanted and for a perfect price. It was just what I was looking for, simple and elegant.

Images found on Pinterest

I had the idea of making a cupcake wedding cake but after I factored in the price and labor of having to make them myself and gather friends to help it just wasn’t worth it. I’d still be spending around $200. Nope nope nope. Not to mention, I’m not a great baker.

This is the cake I picked. It’s apparently an 50th anniversary cake but I can change the topper.
Found on Etsy

I found this topper on Etsy, it was pretty expensive but after I looked at all the pictures and figured out was just made of paper, I decided to make it myself. That’ll be a post of its own. LOL. If it doesn’t come out, I found plenty I liked elsewhere but I really think it would be simple to make.

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8 thoughts on “Cake, cake, cake… Wedding Series

    1. Thank you! I had no idea they would be that much either. It gets insane. Even the super market I’m getting mine from can get up to the $1000’s. I picked the smallest size for mine like in the picture and it’s $160 I believe, so I figure I’m doing good.

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