Theme and Decor. – Wedding Series

 photo IMG_20150905_092015_zps19ituvfh.jpg

To me this is the most fun part of wedding planning. Picking the colors, theme and general ambience of the big event.

I want elegant and a bit luxurious and a bit decadent. Like Chanel and Baz Luhrmann designed my wedding.  Black, gold and cream are my colors and Bees! My fiance and I collect bee stuff and hexagons. We have an odd and very specific taste in decor and I want our wedding to reflect that. We unfortunately, have expensive taste but I’m resourceful. I’m keeping this on a strict budget. You can read more about that in my budget post. So have no fear,  we’re not breaking the bank on decor or on anything for that matter. Most is easy DIY and I was lucky enough to get a beautiful venue that requires very little.  I’m also lucky to have some pretty awesome bridesmaid to help out.

Here’s some of the ideas I’ve gathered from Pinterest, you can see more on my Pinterest page here.

 photo decor1_zpsxes9diiq.jpg
 photo decor 2_zpspnekuviw.jpg photo table decor_zpshe0bmhy1.jpg

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