30 Days of Lipstick – 12


Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague

16 Replies to “30 Days of Lipstick – 12”

  1. diedofthirstx says:

    Wow your blog is amazing! I just made mine today so do you have any tips for me?

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  2. sarahburch says:

    How do you like the formula? I have mixed feelings about it.

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  3. I like it, it’s not lone wearing but the texture is nice. Kinda mousse like. Not drying at all and the pay off is great. I’m working a review of them now actually.

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  4. lenkadot says:

    Wow I had no idea there was a lipstick called Prague! I wonder if there´s some analogy, a connection between this pink colour and Prague haha.
    It looks lovely on your lips though 🙂
    Have a lovely night xx

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  5. stockholm, abudhabi , copenhagen & prague the 4 colors from Nyx soft matte collection that I absolutely love 😍

    This one also looks fab on u , perfect for fall

    Awaiting your review post
    Good luck

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  6. genesisgonzy says:

    I love nyx soft matte lip creams and they smell so yummy too!!

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  7. dermasusanv says:

    Ooooh I love this color!!!

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