Impress – Press-on Manicure Review.

Impress Manicure sent me two packs of their press-on nails through Brand Backer this week. I’ve heard great things about them so I was eager to give them a go and even though they were sent to me, have no fear I’m going to keep it real.

Normally, my girlfriends and I would pick press-on nails up for special occasions only because we wanted something fancy and knew they weren’t going to last. I typically have acrylic nails on myself I do at home. I spend a good couple of hours every week fixing up or spending a couple of hours at the salon waiting to have them done and then spending about $30.  So yeah, I like a good at home alternative.

 photo being a mom 2_zps4yliypdh.jpgI decided for the sake of blogging and to give this product a good test, I had my BFF try the Impress Manicure out. She’s a mother of two and works as a pharmacy tech. She’s tried other manicures and acrylics before and never had good luck with them. They look good but they either fall off or get in her way at work. Not to mention, she barely has time to worry about her nails at all, much less get a fancy manicure.

 photo functional_zps8bvmwo61.jpg

I saw on the package I was sent that the Impress Manicure can be applied in minutes with no drying time, plus water-proof. I thought these would be perfect for my friend to try. I got to say I’m pretty impressed with the ease of the application. She had them all applied in no time. Also, no glue all over the place. I get nail glue from one end to the other when I use it.

The nails adhered well, were comfortable and felt sturdy. They also looked like real gel nails, not like she’d glued something to her fingers.

The package came with various sizes to choose from so you could find the right fit for each nail.

Another great perk for my friend was that she could count pills, bath her kids and do all her normal activities without them getting in the way or popping off all the time. Obviously, if you are rough on them they will pop off but they include plenty of extras just in case you need them.

 photo being a mom_zpscwvugf0x.jpg

Something I else liked was how easily you can remove them  when you want to switch. A small amount of nail polish remover around the edges for a minute and you can peel them off with no pain or damage to your natural nail.

 photo before and after_zps7dliu28m.jpg

Application :

  • Match the nails up to fit each of your fingers.
  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Wipe natural nails with the prep pad provided.
  • Peel the backing of the nail with the pull tab.
  • Line up with your cuticle (Remember to do your thumbs last!)
  • Press down firmly on the middle of the nail and then the sides. Repeat pressing throughout the first half hour for extended wearing time. ( The adhesive is pressure sensitive so the more you press, the better the hold.)
  • Wait one hour before cutting, filing or exposing to water.

We applied a set that included a cute charm, not sure what it was supposed to be but cute none the less. It was easy to put on with a pair of tweezers and the adhesive sheet provided. My friend did end up removing the charm later on because it tended to get caught in her hair and catch on things. It is pretty cute though for special occasions and reusable.

All in all, I honestly have to say this is a pretty neat product and if I didn’t have acrylic nails on right now I would be wearing these. LOL. I was skeptical about them after having plenty of failed manicure experiences and I was pleasantly surprised. The different designs I found online and at the stores are so pretty too!

Impress Press-On Manicure retails for $7.99 and can be found at Walgreens. They come in a variety of 40 colors and designs.

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