MOTD + Mini Haul and Update.


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This week has been crazy busy thus far and no break in sight. Yesterday I met with my wedding photographer, shopped for wedding shoes and jewelry, and bought a new washer and dryer. I did find some wedding shoes, but I’m not 100% sold on the fit. I didn’t get the Micheal Kors heels I was after because they cut right across my broke ass toe. ( I broke my toe about a month ago) However, I did pick up these tennis shoes from Micheal Kors. I normally could care less about brands aside from Chanel and makeup brands but I saw these and needed them. I also finally found a yellow purse! I’ve been on the hunt since I dreamed about a yellow Celine bag. Anyway, I found one at Versona. It’s perfect for this upcoming weekend trip to New Orleans. I needed a smaller cross body purse for walking around. The shoes are gonna be handy too, they’re pretty comfy.
 photo 20150923_032629_zpsbrwyjtgz.jpg
 photo 20150923_032615_zpspobvmucx.jpgI’m excited about a whole weekend in New Orleans. Ross and I will be leaving on Friday and staying until Sunday with a group of friends. I’ve only been to NOLA a few times and it was usually just to the airport or just for a day. I’ve never really been to experience it as an adult aside from one wild bachelorette party I went with a couple of years back. That was just a drunken night on Bourbon St. that I remember very little of. This time, I don’t intend to drink but actually site see, walk around and enjoy the french quarter.  Oh Okay, I will probably drink a couple of glasses of Absinthe. It’s New Orleans, ya have to. No hand grenades or hurricanes for me, though. I’m not 22 anymore. LOL. I’m not much of a drinker at all these days. Hell, when I go to the bar by my house they have a Diet Dr. Pepper and a straw waiting for me. I did have New Belgium Pumpkin Ale the other night. Very good!

How cute is that bottle?!

Since I will in New Orleans all weekend, I’ll be announcing the winner of my 500 followers giveaway on Monday the 28th. There’s still time to enter!!!

That’s all for now, I got a roast cooking in the slow cooker for dinner and I’m gonna take the dog outside and enjoy this cool weather and probably take a nap. I’m hoping to have an office / workspace / makeup area tour posted soon. I have to finish decorating. And I have got to get my fall decor going.

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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2 thoughts on “MOTD + Mini Haul and Update.

  1. If u like seafood you have to go to Deanie’s Seafood. It’s amazing. If you get the giant seafood platter. It cost about 50.00, but you get sooooooo much food. It will feed 3 people or 2 really big eaters. Rudy and I can not eat all of it. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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