Bridal Jewelry – Wedding Series

 I finally purchased my Bridal Jewelry.  I decided to go classic with pearls. It’s what I’ve always pictured wearing on my wedding day. I think they compliment my dress perfectly.

I think I did a decent job sticking to my inspiration.

A few important things to remember while selecting your bridal jewelry to me is to choose something timeless, and classic. You don’t want to look back on your pictures and wonder “What was I thinking?” I’d say stay away from trendy pieces. You can never go wrong with pearls.

Tomorrow the shoe hunt continues, i bought one pair but changed my mind so onward I forge into the shoe stores. I need to get a pair tomorrow too because my fitting is Thursday. On a positive note, the photographer, the Justice of the Peace, and the cake have been booked. Wish me luck tomorrow on the shoe front once again.

5 Replies to “Bridal Jewelry – Wedding Series”

  1. Pearls are classic and elegant, and you can still wear them after the wedding! Hope you find a nice pair of shoes!

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  2. Congratulations! I remember preparing for my wedding–such an exciting time! Enjoy! The jewelry you chose is stunning!

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