Collective Haul feat. Rue 21, CVS, Ulta, Dillard’s and Target

Good Morning! I hope it’s lovely in your neck of the woods. The weather here has cooled down a bit finally. I’ve got quite a busy day ahead of me today with washer/dryer installation, dress alterations, and shoe shopping. Not to mention just some errands on top of that. I’m also going to be taking pics for my next tutorial while I get ready today.

Throughout this month, I had the opportunity to pick up a few new products, clothes and things that I wanted to share with you this morning. Let’s start with the makeup.

 photo 20150913_172138_zpsw9nj0sut.jpg

I recently saw a review for the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation and it completely sold me on it. I’ve been testing out the foundation, concealer, and powder for a couple of weeks now and I think I’m going to review it as well.

I also picked up the Revlon Photoready Eye Art. I haven’t had a chance to really play with it yet but it’s so pretty. I needed it.

The makeup was all purchased at Ulta when Revlon was buy one get one 50% off and with coupon.

 photo 20150913_172212_zpsxibrhm3d.jpg

In the skin care arena, I decided to try out a new face wash and night cream. I haven’t really formed an opinion yet on either other that the Biore is definitely meant to be used sparingly. It’s quite drying to use more that twice a week.

The skin care was purchased from CVS.

 photo 20150913_172235_zps2rcg9z8w.jpg

As for hair, I picked both these up because they were on clearance at Ulta. The hair color looked so pretty but unfortunately pulled somewhat red on me as usual. The conditioner, however, is wonderful.

 photo 20150913_171710_zpsbimls09j.jpg

Now for the jewelry, I’ve been on a kick with buying jewelry lately. I picked these pieces up at Rue 21. I can’t believe that earring set was marked down to $2. So pretty.
 photo 20150913_171856_zpsv1pfctzk.jpg

I love how simple and pretty this necklace is. I believe this was also on clearance.

 photo rersgr_zpslqerhliv.jpg

How cool are these? weird geometric shaped earrings. I love them.

 photo rvsrs_zpsvqucgcio.jpg

And because sometimes you just need to channel your inner Rihanna and go bold.

 photo vrsgs_zpsphwuhtov.jpg

Got a mini hat haul too! I love love love a black hat.

Top one is from Dillard’s and the bottom one is from Rue 21
 photo 20150913_173240_zpshrybj3oo.jpg

Now for clothes, I don’t buy clothes very often so I’m proud of myself when I do. Silly confession too, I never purchased clothes from Rue 21 because I assumed it would be too small but last time I was there they had so many cute things I said ” the hell with it, I can return what doesn’t work” Turns out I can wear Rue 21 clothing fine. I don’t know why I had the idea I couldn’t. I’ll tell you now I did have to return one thing because it was ripped down the side and all the others were too when I went to exchange so keep your eyes peeled for defects there.

Anyway, I picked up the jacket above because, how cute? Giant screws for snaps. The jacket has great details and is a pretty good quality as well.  Now if I can only find one with gold accents.
 photo 20150913_173130_zpsla1kqouh.jpg

Next up is a thin see through hoodie top. it’s soft, and I love the colors.
 photo Untitled_zpsii1349vn.jpg

I liked the pattern on this tank and the bow detail in the back. It was also on clearance for $2
 photo 20150913_172810_zpss6k1lkl3.jpg

This tank was $2 as well. One can never have enough black tanks.
 photo 20150913_172459_zpstt2dtpmf.jpg

I branched out a bit here and got colorful pants and I love them with a black top. They’re super soft, thick material and good quality. They have kind of a knit texture, reminds me of my grandmothers pants but they’re leggings rather than the slacks she wore.
 photo RGRSGRG_zpsb0ngbkqr.jpg

I loved this little top, it’s a shirt dress you can belt. it’s sheer so I layer it with a black tank and leggings. It looks pretty awesome with that chunky gold necklace. It’s also pretty comfy. I wore it this the first day we were in New Orleans and walked all over the place in it.
 photo 20150913_172546_zps72lf9fay.jpg

Here’s something else completely different for me, neon. I thought it might be fun to layer though and it has a cute little pocket. Also, it was $2
 photo RBDDR_zpswds82pet.jpg

These tops I love! so comfy for every day and around the house. I love the golden color. I ended buying it in black and the gold.  They do shrink considerably. It came to my knees at first and now sits at my hips. I don’t mind though cause they looked a bit too baggy on me at first.
 photo Untitled_zps0l5gwt6l.jpg

I’m pleased with these brushed faux suede leggings. Surprisingly cool and comfortable. Very soft. I wore these with the sheer shirt dress.

 photo UHTDHntitled_zpshvzjcryy.jpg

Last shirt! Retro inspired Star Wars top with gold flecks in the neck. Yasss! I wore this on Bourbon St. Saturday night. I got lots of yells and woo’s about it. LOL.

As the Bouncer of The Famous Door said as he ID’d me ” And geeks shall inherit the Earth”
 photo 20150913_172039_zpsivwg8lyi.jpg

And lastly, this cute little guy from CVS! Spooky or MsSpookyness is a nickname.

Now to start my day, and do some fun makeup at least. I have a feeling that will be the most enjoyable part of my day. Adulting… hanging around the house waiting for a washer/dryer delivery. Hopefully, my arm / shoulder feels better today too. Darn arthritis.

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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  1. So many nice things!! I’ve been looking for suede leggings everywhere !! Gotta check out Rue21 now 🙂 all those shirts were absolutely lovely!! And those hats too!

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