September 2015 Favorites

September is already over and now I’m down to just under a month until my wedding! Time is flying by. Let’s jump into the September Faves.

 photo 20151009_010301_zpslf5k55tc.jpg
Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Gold Metal. Julep Freedom Polymer. Poparazzi Nail Polish in Auto-Graphite

I’ve been obsessed with this nail combination. The Poparazzi Nail Polish in Autographite on most my nails and the Sinful Colors polish in Gold Metal on my accent nail. My friend Chandra gave me the Julep Freedom Polymer is amazing too. It makes your nails look flawless and professional. The polish lasts so much longer too. I’m gonna need a backup!

 photo 20151009_005907_zpsrxgwvdpu.jpg
Marc Jacob Honey

Next, for fragrance, The Marc Jacob Honey is everything. I think it’s more of an all time favorite rather than just a monthly.

 photo 20151009_010143_zpsj7sggvai.jpg
Beautique Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe
 photo 20151004_161258_zpseqx35hkf.jpg
Revlon Photoready

Now for makeup! Yay!  I picked up the Beautique Eyebrow Pencil from Sally’s Beauty Supply on a whim. It was by the checkout and the color looked good. It’s a perfect match for me, a cool toned taupe, and nice texture too. I’m definitely going to be repurchasing. It’s so easy and quick for every day.

Next for makeup is the Revlon Photoready line, I have a review coming soon so I won’t say too much but I am enjoying it.

 photo macvivaglam2_zpsakaftesq.jpg
MAC Viva Glam II

Of course MAC’s Viva Glam II. Perfect everyday nude for me.

 photo 20150831_172857_zpsxmrdercp.jpg
Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore

And lastly for with the Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore. subtle, shimmery and neutral. Milani can’t go wrong on their blush.

 photo 20150923_032615_zpspobvmucx.jpg

These shoes and purse have been awesome this month with all the going and doing I have been up too. The purse is a cross body that holds all the crap I need without causing back pain. I toted it all over New Orleans with me. The shoes did great on the first day but since we were going on Bourbon I changed to my Nike’s because of Bourbon St. is a cesspool. You don’t want wear good shoes down there. unfortunately, my feet were so puffy from all the walking that when Sunday rolled around I had no choice but to wear Nike’s home.

Now for the other things I enjoyed in September.

 photo MV5BMTU0MzYxNTEyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTU3ODEzMjE._V1_SX640_SY720__zps7xk2ydsf.jpg

3rd Rock from the Sun made me LOL way too much. This was the first time I’d sat down and really watched it. It’s super cute in a silly slapstick kind of way. Great show if you just need to laugh.

 photo 8dc7f88b4e1801ab793bf8205663b673_zpsquka9m9u.jpg photo tumblr_msgvcli5GX1rxe2h4o1_400_zpssfzipeed.gif

 photo download_zpsesj07z6e.jpg

The other show I enjoyed toward the end of the month was the latest season of Portlandia on Netflix. It’s another good show to just to watch when you need a good laugh. I’m loving how cohesive the show has become with its storyline with all the characters.  photo images_zpstdbg0pwg.jpg photo photo-15804_zpsfbydctj6.gif

Since I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the car during September I have some music favorites.
 photo homepage_large.9b34bb44_zpsjeubaniy.jpg

Tension By Die Antwoord. I have enjoyed this album so much and I have no idea why. LOL. We listened to all three of their albums on the way to New Orleans and it was awesome, made the ride entertaining. I love all the random South Park references they make. It’s also good fun when I get to my local watering hole early when the older crowd is there for happy hour and play Fatty Boom Boom in the jukebox.
 photo LittleDr3ams 46_zpsl5ph5bn7.png

 photo 5286661_zpsa6pgyt2c.jpg

Can we just take a moment to be in awe of Lana’s new album? LOVE IT! I’ve listened to it almost every day since it came out.

 photo LITTLEDR3AMS 28_zpstmmedzyg.png


And on the snack front. Mocha from Starbucks has been making me very happy. Our coffee shops are all located in inconvenient areas for me, on the opposite side of town no less but I have been near the Starbucks located in a grocery store a lot this month while running wedding errands which mean mocha for me.

Well, that wraps up this month’s faves. October is flying by way to fast and every day is go go go, so forgive if my posts are sporadic this month after the 7th of November it will back to the regularly scheduled program for me.

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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4 thoughts on “September 2015 Favorites

  1. These are great items. I don’t own any MAC lippies, but this one looks like the perfect nude shade. And I love your cross body bag. I’ve been wanting to get one for a long time, but right now I’m using my Kipling cross body bag (that isn’t small at all). I can fit my son’s diapers, wipe case, toys, a onesie, and my glasses case. Lol. At least it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. 😉
    Also I can’t believe you like Portlandia. (I live here). 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Portlandia kills me because I’ve met people just like the characters.

      I think the biggest appeal to MAC Lipstick is that they have so many shades and finishes for not much more than you’d pay at the drugstore. When I need a specific shade that’s where I go. Besides the viva glam stuff is for a good cause.

      I really need a cross body that big! I carry so much crap around with me. I’ve been using a backback.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol. Portlandia is something else 😆
        I’ve been wanting to go check out their shades, and from what I’ve been told, Ulta doesn’t have MAC products so most likely Sephora will.
        The only con to my cross body bag, is because it’s so wide and pretty spacious, I could put lots of things in there, but after a while it does hurt my shoulder. The nice thing about the bag is it has two smaller straps and can be a hand carry-type of purse. 🙂


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