Progress Report – Wedding Series

Here we are, just under a month left until the big day. So much done, so much left to do. My home is overrun with wedding decor. I’ve got candles, ribbon, and flowers for days. Mostly thanks to our officiant, she had tons of candles from a previous wedding as well as some ribbon and tulle. Luckily, a lot of it was black so it works with my color scheme perfectly.

one of each type of candle I have.

My sweet soul sister Lindsey, had tons of things left from her wedding too. So I have some Mason jars and charger plates to paint gold, bubbles, bits and pieces, bells and even more candles.

Yesterday, I got most the decor sorted and started to spray painting the flowers. I have a few more things left to paint including bottles.


 photo 20151011_113654_zpsysh5zizh.jpg
A small portion of all the bottles I have.

 photo 20151011_113641_zpsmyqndrzk.jpg
 photo 20151011_113315_zpshvqwsld4.jpg
 photo 20151011_113307_zpsqqomj13b.jpg
 photo 20151011_113244_zpsuufzyb17.jpg

Ross’s ring arrived, mine is on its way. My dress is at alterations, and I finally found shoes! At Davids Bridal, the last place I looked and they are perfect. They’re borderline tacky, but I am borderline tacky myself so it works. I’m not a fan of rhinestones but they are inescapable.

Since we are on the subject of bridal wear, I placed a last-minute order for some bits and pieces from David’s Bridal; a bridal comb, a clutch, and a fur cape because why not? It’s going to be in November so it might be chilly. Shapewear has also been sorted, that corset will be the death of me.

On the food and cake front, thanks to my BFF, Brooke, the cake is taken care of. I still can’t believe she did that for me. I never imagined having a custom designed cake. photo 20151011_113013_zpsheiipvcr.jpg

Thanks to some truly great friends, and family the food is covered. Everyone is bringing their favorite dish.

I’ve got all my people and places booked; officiant, photographer, DJ  (also a groomsmen and a great musician) hair stylist, (future sister-in-law ) venue, and hotel. Most everyone has been fitted and have their dresses too.


Saturday, we took engagement photos, I can’t wait to see them.

I just finished up invitations, thanks again to Brooke for printing them. She’s also thrown together a wedding shower for me at the bar.

Wow, writing this and seeing everything I’ve gotten done makes me feel so much better! I was feeling pretty stressed last week, and I thought all this wedding stress was baloney. Hah! I was so wrong.

8 thoughts on “Progress Report – Wedding Series

    1. Thank you, luckily I’ve had a friend over almost every day this week to help with the crafts. I got the Mr to handle some stuff but my friends have been amazing. I haven’t been able to blog as much as I like though.

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