Nyx Eyebrow Gel Review and Demo

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“Keep your misbehaving brows in place with our discreet and easy-to-use brow gel! The lightweight waterproof formula creates thicker fuller natural-looking brows and comes in five versatile shades.” – Nyx Official Site

I’ve had the Nyx Eyebrow Gel since it was released, so I had plenty of time to experiment with it and the best ways to apply it.

I wouldn’t call this the most user-friendly product right off the bat, it has a learning curve with the application. Once you get the hang of it though it pretty nice. I recommend using the Real Techniques angled brow brush available in the Real Techniques Starter Kit. I’ve tried other brushes but the results were not as “natural” looking. That brings me to another point, you can go overboard very easily with this product. Less is More! I barely dip my brush in and take off the excess product before applying it.

. Like the Makeup Forever Aqua Brow, it’s a  smudge proof gel like formula that has incredible lasting power. Damn near water proof.

The Nyx Brow Gel has a great shade range as well, much like their new pomade and microbrow, they’re giving the high-end brands a run for their money with brow products lately.

All in All, It’s a handy product to have around, especially of you have very sparse to no brows. You can sculpt new ones from nothing and not have to worry about them running or smearing. That being said, there are much other easier to use brow products out there, even from NYX. I prefer the pomade, you have more control over the product and its lasting power is comparable.

I purchased mine in a shade too dark, I thought the blonde looked too light. I think mixing the blonde and brunette would create my perfect shade but I didn’t like it enough to bother, to be honest with you.  The application is time-consuming to me.

To the demo!

 photo 20150823_003729_zpsc7ao6bfk.jpg

Here we have my wild yet sparse brow in its natural state.

 photo 20150823_003823_zpsg8gip274.jpg

With the angled brow brush which has very little product on it, I trace the outsides of my brow them gently fill in flicking upward. If you stop here and clean it up a bit with concealer you’re good to go. This is my preferred way of wearing the brow gel, but for the sake of a demo I’m going to show you how to build more drama.

 photo 20150823_004314_zpste52siik.jpg

After going back in and building up the pigmentation you get something like this. Not bad but not naturalistic. I will do this on occasion when I feel like my makeup calls for it, or some days I just want insane brows.

 photo 20150823_004729_zpsdzwoui98.jpg

Here’s the final result after cleaning it up with concealer and blending the product better. Not too shabby.  It really is a fun product to play with and if you like dramatic brows, this is for you. Like I said above the shades and be mixed to create your custom shade. That is a unique selling point to be and the wearing power. I’ve gone swimming with it and it lasted the whole day. I know I sound kind of wishy-washy about it but I’m trying to be objective.

The Nyx Eyebrow Gel comes in 5 shades and retails for $7

             Get the Nyx Eyebrow Gel Here!

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