What have I been up to – Wedding Series

The last couple of weeks has been pretty hectic. Here’s a glimpse of what I have been working on and the mess that came along with it.

 photo 20151020_210509_zpsrkrgg6vs.jpg
Tags for bottles
 photo 20151020_211258_zpsrxsw3wp6.jpg
B canvas. Thanks to Lindsey. This was originally from her wedding, I just repainted it.
 photo 20151020_211126_zps2httaek3.jpg
Painted and packed bottles ready to go!
 photo 20151020_210838_zpsvhex4wi7.jpg
Sample of the decor
 photo 20151020_211103_zpsnz8yzmxd.jpg
 photo 20151020_211107_zpsk9mbn3ly.jpg
 photo 20151020_211120_zpszi35qpv6.jpg
Arrangements and random decor
 photo 20151020_210648_zpslkbkukli.jpg
All the B things
 photo 20151020_210619_zpsgagtwqtk.jpg
Fall wedding = gold glitter pumpkins. Thanks Chandra!
 photo 20151020_210534_zpsgkhxg9yj.jpg
Peek at the bouquet
 photo 20151020_210522_zpsooi6sqqg.jpg
Bridesmaid’s bouquet
 photo 20151020_210450_zps8yxxjitk.jpg
More bottle decor
 photo 20151020_210302_zpsjy7txlqz.jpg
Part of a project
 photo 20151020_210230_zpsjwyr7enr.jpg

And there is still plenty left to do, Thank goodness for Chandra this last couple week. She’s been a lifesaver with her mad crafty skillz. Tomorrow, I pick up my dress from alterations! Today, I’m sorting out decor and breaking in wedding shoes. Saturday is the wedding shower! Never thought I’d have one of those. Thank you, Brooke! Stay tuned for more!

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