Engagement Photographs – Wedding Series

I wanted to share my engagement photos with ya’ll today, and tell you a bit about our experience.
 photo IMG_20151010_175824_zpsy9zuf6nr.jpg
 photo IMG_20151010_175913_zpsu4fg6w1z.jpg

Firstly, I got super lucky finding an excellent photographer who also didn’t charge an arm and a leg. I spent a week getting quotes and recommendations. I have to say the prices I was quoted for engagement photos and wedding day photos were insane. On average I was quoted $2,500. I understand the pricing if I were asking a “wedding package” which includes: bridal shoot, engagement shoot, wedding day photos, digital copies, a photo album, and most times a canvas. Thing is that was pretty much my whole wedding budget right there. The wedding is also not a huge affair. Finding a photographer that would just do photos alone and digital copies was a pain.  None was willing to work with me on price and insisted on doing the package. However,  my photographer found me through a website for bookings. She was more than happy to give me a fair rate for just what I needed. Even  showed me where to get prints for the best price and quality. So, I only ended up paying $650 in all, I also had a print make canvas prints for me as a surprise.

For the shoot we wanted classy. I did some research on locations and found a beautiful bar call The Grouse Room located in Lafayette, LA. While we waited for the bar to open we took some outside shots and some in an awesome bakery called Indulge.

Without further ado, here are the photos:

 photo 13 BW_zpsxjbbbcte.jpg
 photo 4_zpsueniwhyy.jpg
 photo 4 BW_zpsbxnsndsu.jpg
 photo 17_zpsjbsnwnle.jpg
 photo 17 BW_zpspclpbn2t.jpg
 photo 2_zpsnpcqqol5.jpg
 photo 2 BW_zpsyp5xgckc.jpg
 photo PS 1_zpsoqbnzuen.jpg
 photo 1 BW_zpsjlc8k8hn.jpg
 photo 6_zpsv4beylpx.jpg
 photo 6 BW_zpsqf6lxtz6.jpg
 photo 3 BW_zpsscppxex8.jpg
 photo PS 3_zpsl1fcm7iq.jpg
 photo 7_zps71pug8hx.jpg
 photo 7 BW_zpsowc83hzi.jpg
 photo 8 1_zps36toutq5.jpg
 photo 8 BW_zpsrdfoyyho.jpg
 photo 10_zpsl2ctarlt.jpg
 photo 11 1_zps8wahmeij.jpg
 photo 12 BW_zpspqdljpij.jpg
 photo 12_zpsruhkm04b.jpg
 photo 15 BW_zpshj1fpnif.jpg
 photo 15_zpsxdhmenui.jpg
 photo 14_zpswx04k9ol.jpg
 photo 13_zpscwljhspw.jpg
 photo 16_zps7icfbycs.jpg
I have to say Chaz is an excellent photographer and a great, fun person to work with. She was more than willing to go the extra mile for a great shot and made us feel comfortable. It was a lot of fun with her. I really hope to work with her again in the future. I had to cancel my bridal shoot though because the weather is awful right now, we’re getting a good bit of Hurricane Patricia in my area. I believe it was downgraded to a tropical storm last night when she blew through but I’ve seen my share of hurricanes and tropical storms living in LA and this was damn near a hurricane still. Anyway, the forecast showed rain until the day after my wedding pretty much. Only in Louisiana can we go from a burn ban to flooding in a matter of hours.

My thoughts are with those affected by Patricia. Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Gustav wreaked havoc on Louisiana in past years. It’s devastating and terrifying to experience. I’m fortunate enough to live far enough inland that we don’t get it too bad. Gustav was pretty bad for us but nothing compared to Katrina, Rita or Patricia.

I’m planning a post on the makeup from the shoot soon.

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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8 thoughts on “Engagement Photographs – Wedding Series

  1. The photos are great! You did good finding someone at that price. You were so beautiful , but I can’t help but to remember that little toddler that I would see at Paw Pete’s many moons ago. Congratulations and I will see you And that handsome young man of yours at the wedding.

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