Halloween Looks – A Retrospective

I haven’t gotten to enjoy Halloween much this year since I’ve been so busy but to get into the spirit here’s some of my past Halloween looks I’ve done over the years. Even some bonus ones from childhood and Pumpkin!
 photo resgresg_zpso5fqyxlx.jpgi think I was around 20 – 21 here. Bad brows….
 photo rgesr_zpsakgc9apc.jpgThis was Halloween 2014. I wish I had gotten a better shot of my makeup. I was going for a cyber punk look.
 photo Untdgrdesritled_zpsacokt5yy.jpg
 photo sersfsf_zpsslqzit8e.jpgI believe these were from 2013. My face was super swollen from a getting a wisdom tooth pulled the day before.
2012 Kind of a pirate steam punk look

 photo 384630_305759909441930_698878536_n_zps36s0syrg.jpg photo helloween ross_zpscwl194y0.jpg2011. I was a nun and Ross was a vampire. Our first Halloween together, 2010. I was a nun and Ross was a devil.
 photo geeg_zpsjqwoj7m4.jpgAnd this was the next day actually for a pirate party.

 photo Untirgrwsrghtdgtled_zps9tomchnd.jpgBecause every kid is a creepy crown when they’re little. This was my first Halloween. I believe I was 3 photo rgrsswgsr_zpstzrzvt2w.jpgMy favorite costume, a black cat!

 photo IMG_20151019_142811_zpsihcnz2fn.jpgAnd Pumpkin this year. Looking cute!

Depending on how well I’m feeling this weekend I’m probably going to either dress up as a cat or Lestat. Might just do a cat, it’s easy lol. I had such grand plans for Halloween blogs this year… oh well, next year.

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