Halloween Decor from Years Past.

Here’s a look at how I’ve decorated our home last Halloween as well as our apartment a few years ago. My photography skills were pretty off then. Lol. I didn’t get a chance to decorate this year and fall decorations are my favorites but Christmas is around the corner so I’ll make up for it then.

 photo IMAG0688_zpsky2oun34.jpg
 photo IMAG0690_zpse2lp8ykv.jpg
 photo IMAG0697_zpsaxdb7hbn.jpg
 photo IMAG0698_zpsaaemwpdw.jpg
 photo IMAG0686_zpslhh6sxom.jpg
 photo IMAG0685_zpsfjrmvk8q.jpg
 photo IMAG0684_zpsdekfbssb.jpg
 photo IMAG0681_zpsnfjx6vah.jpg
 photo IMAG0680_zps6amlkajg.jpg
 photo IMAG0679_zpsgnjwbhwv.jpg

 photo IMG_1662_zps4noxnp0u.jpg
 photo IMG_1661_zpsppl6fbyq.jpg
 photo IMG_1659_zpshuuerta7.jpg
 photo IMG_1490_zpsbqffwe5s.jpg
 photo IMG_1493_zps0usoadjf.jpg
 photo IMG_1653_zpszete7vb7.jpg
 photo IMG_1656_zpsf220yihl.jpg
 photo IMG_1489_zpshiea46yt.jpg
 photo IMG_1488_zpsjllcyouk.jpg
 photo IMG_1487_zpsif6eegpw.jpg
 photo 100_2179_zps9dhpjr6a.jpg

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