Computer drama!

Firstly, why all the Polyvore posts? My computer is borked.  Something went screwy with the motherboard.  My friend is coming to look at it today. I went ahead and ordered a new laptop which will be here on Tuesday, if my desktop can be fixed all the better.

All my blogging stuff is on the desktop along with all my files. I’m using a friend’s laptop but it’s pretty old so I can’t do much on it, it lags just trying to type on WordPress. However, I can play with Polyvore on it and Pinterest.  Lol. It’s something to post in the meantime until my hive is up and running again.

Is it just me or when your computer is broke, it feels like a part of you is broke? I get way too attached to computers, it’s like an extension of my brain so I feel sort of lost with out it. I’m a tech nerd, I love all things technology and have always had a computer, even when I was little.

My mom was very supportive of me learning all I can about tech when I was in school. She was a secretary in the English department at LC (Louisiana Collage) and when they switched over to PC she was lost so she didn’t want that to happen to me. She just couldn’t get the hang of computers.  In turn, I’ve become dependent on them.

Anyway,  I should be back to my normal posts soon. I might even hop on the Mr’s computer and finish up some drafts I’d started already on WordPress. That just now occurred to me I could do that… *facepalm*

2 thoughts on “Computer drama!

    1. I know right. I have a new laptop now, just have to get my files off the desktop which my friend said could get them and transfer them to my laptop. I’m going to start backing them up to the one drive thing now. At least none of my stuff was nearly as important as a PhD thesis!

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