25 Days of Makeup – Day 3 – Use One Shadow Color

Day 3 is use one eyeshadow shade in a look. I thought the best way to make it interesting would be to use a really cool duo chrome. One that changes shades as it’s blended out. I love how the pigment I used has a warm brown base and flash of teal and green.
 photo w4r4r4_zpsmedbcwbn.jpg
 photo ggrrfrf_zps3f9a88s4.jpg
 photo 20151203_144739-1_zpsbhgnkwv8.jpg
 photo rsrvss_zpsngdbbkj3.jpg

I used an old pigment from L’oreal I bought back in the day and have some reason just hung on to. I’m pretty sure this is the third time I’ve actually used it. Luckily, there are some great dupes for this shade out there if you like it since this one is no longer available.


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