25 Days of Makeup – Day 11 – Favorite High End Products


High-end makeup, my guilty pleasure, my downfall, my addiction. You will be the death of my bank account.

shut up and take my money photo: Shut Up And Take My Money! 001 9e9.gif

I couldn’t narrow down to just products, the post would never end. So, I’m going to talk brands for the most part.

I didn’t always buy high-end products, my obsession began about 3 years ago when my husband bought my first Tarte Christmas Giftset. Before that I would window shopping Sephora’s website, hardly braving a trip to the actual store. Once I got my hands on the one gift set, more was the follow. I could resist the temptation no longer. All the blog reading and YouTube video watching wore me down and now I’m hooked.

Prior to that, my experience with high-end products was limited to the Clinique skincare and perfume my grandmother used and my mother’s Estee Lauder makeup she wore on special occasions.  I lost my mom at 20 and with that, I lost a lot of my femininity being left without a strong female presence in my life. It took me a few years to regain it and find myself again. I’d always had the passion for all things cosmetic but it laid dormant for a long time. Discovering the online Beauty community changed everything. Suddenly, I was no longer looking through the window of Sephora  I was shopping there, and somehow found me in the aisles.

 photo 20151212_003020-1_zpsaowhu3oh.jpg

Since then Tarte has been kind of special to me. It was one of the first truly nice things I’d owned in a very long time and it opened the floodgates to the high-end world.

Tarte is the girl next door to me. Friendly, and easy going. Tarte is a brand for everyone. You use it, your mom uses it. They know how to be casual and comfortable then bring the class and glam.
 photo svvvs_zps9bvgqi8u.jpg

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette Review

Tarte Energy Noir Collection

 photo 20151212_004003-1_zpsqwt1vv22.jpg

Then came Urban Decay. The Vice 2 Palette and The Naked 2. The Vice 2 reminded me so much of a Merle Norman Palette my mom had when I was little,  the shades were almost the same and similar packaging even. Then I swatched it and that was all she wrote. Since then I’ve acquired a few more of Urban Decay’s palettes and products I’ve yet to be disappointed. The texture, pigmentation, and color payoff is outstanding.

They’re like the party girl of the high-end world. Wild, crazy, edgy and pure fun.
 photo aaax_zpszlaxan9a.jpg

 photo 20151212_004301-1_zpst9oo2yge.jpg

Nars is a brand I love. The quality is exceptional. It’s everything I expect from a high-end brand. They’re sleek and sexy, yet professional with a naughty twist. I look forward to growing my collection.
 photo ddvd_zps5buymdog.jpg

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review and Demo
 photo 20151212_001948-1_zpspklwv58w.jpg
Kat Von D. Makeup that speaks to my soul. The product names reference all the things I love, from music to literature. I mean, she has an eyeshadow named Danzig, Black no. 1 and Shadowplay. Then a lipstick called Lovecraft! I’m a huge Lovecraftian nerd. I have a Lovecraft shrine even. Not only that, it’s a gorgeous shade I swear was designed just for me.

 photo 10492197_490617607750282_6994411510773329122_n_zps3yfduhfz.png

Kat Von D Beauty encompasses my spirit. The quality is outstanding on top of that. Then the packaging and presentation. I gladly say “shut up and take my money” to KVD.

 photo eaer_zpsmv77mx9e.jpg
Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette Review

I have a selection of some high-end mascaras I love.
 photo 20151212_004400-1_zpsytcpuvk7.jpg

Reviews coming soon

Buxom Mascara Bar Review

And a couple fragrances I’ve been loving.

 photo 20151020_211521_zpsovlp7hbb.jpg
 photo 20151009_005907_zpsrxgwvdpu.jpg


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