Treat Yo Self – My Spa Mornings with Montecito 

Ever so often we just need a “Treat yo self” kind of day. My favorite time to do this is in the morning. I mean early before the sun comes up. 

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Today, I’m going to show you my spa ritual and review some of the products I use.
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Montecito was kind enough to let me choose some of their skincare to try so, I’m going to show you what it does and how I use it while I go through my routine. So, grab a coffee and settle in!


 photo 20151217_063852_zpsc1yiskox.jpg
Bath time selfie


Why mornings? I know it’s am an odd time for a spa ritual but it works for me. As I’ve mentioned my husband works shifts that alternate days and nights. When he’s on days, he leaves around 4:30 am which is also my preferred time to wake up. I take one of those days as a “Treat yo self” day. I make a cappuccino and began my spa time while it’s still dark out and the neighborhood is nice and quiet.

 photo 20151217_064002_zpsikcrmgjd.jpg
Sublim’Oil By Montecito


The first thing I like to do once a week is using the Sublim’Oil by Montecito. The night before I apply it to my lashes and brows so it can really soak in. You can do this also with your hair.

 photo pixlr_20151217092201034_zpsmg0grj9s.jpg
Oil application. I’m wearing my robe, just didn’t want oil in it so I pulled it down some.

 “Sublim’Oil by Montecito® will beautify your hair and lashes with this luxurious oil made from 100% natural cold-pressed castor oil, rich in fatty acids. Can be used on hair length, scalp, brows, and lashes.”

I like to run it through my hair from root to end before my bath and let it hang out for about 30 minutes for a pre-treatment as recommended. I apply it while my water is running and just let it chill. 

I use my hands to apply it because it doubles as a great moisturizer for your cuticles.

How to use:

“Use on your hair length to strengthen- rebuilds hair structure, adding shine and softness.”

“As a pre-treatment before you shampoo, put some Sublim’Oil in the palm of your hand (or on a hairbrush) and gently rub the ends of your hair to make the oil penetrate. Leave for 30 minutes, then wash and rinse.”

“Leave on overnight for even deeper conditioning. Very small amounts can be used as a leave in conditioner or shine enhancer.”

“Use on the scalp to improve hair growth from the roots  Apply Sublim’Oil directly to the roots and scalp. Massage well for 3 minutes. Leave on overnight if possible, then wash and rinse.”

“Use on your eyelashes and eyebrows to thicken and promote growth Apply Sublim’Oil (2 or 3 drops) on a clean and dry mascara brush.  Gently brush your eyelashes and eyebrows, leave overnight. Mascara brush and brush provided (for use on eyelashes and eyebrows)”

“To achieve optimal results, Use at least twice a week as a deep treatment, then once a week to maintain results.”

“Use on nails and cuticles to promote healthy, fast nail growth Massage a small amount of Sublim’Oil into nails and cuticle daily. “

This stuff works great too! My eyebrows and lashes have never looked better. I’m extremely impressed with this. And I little bit goes a long way. I, by nature, have fine hair and sparse brows so to find a product that can improve my hair situation is pretty awesome.It doesn’t really have a smell, and the texture is very thick and oily. 

Sublim’Oil by Montecito Retails for $8.90 and is available here

 photo pixlr_20151217091634116_zps2pmivnme.jpg
La Nectar Sauna Honey by Montecito

 While I’m running the water I also dampen my skin and put on the Le Nectar Sauna Honey. This is technically a sauna treatment but by this time my bathroom is pretty sauna like. I don’t think anyone in Louisiana owns a Sauna, Louisiana is a sauna most the year. 

I massage it into my arms and legs, paying extra attention to the elbows and knees.
 photo pixlr_20151217091752614_zpsl2rp0csb.jpgWhat It does:

  • Deep skin purification
  • Softening effect
  • Release toxins
  • Cleanse the pores
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Deep relaxation of a sauna bath

“Apply Le Nectar to your wet skin during the sauna. Rinse off after sauna.”

The product has a rich honey texture with granules that gently exfoliate. 

I leave the Le Nectar Sauna Honey on until my bath is ready. (My tub takes forever to fill). I rinse it off in the bath.

This stuff leaves your skin feeling so soft and nice. It feels like a very luxurious treatment.

The scent is quite nice too if you like the smell of honey which I do. I’m all about some honey.

Le Nectar Sauna Honey Rituals Spa retails for $20.75 You can find it here

By this time I’ve got my Netflix going, my dog is playing with her toy on the bath mat and I’m settled down in my bath drinking my coffee. It’s kind of the best way to start your day or end it.

After 30 minutes has passed I go ahead and wash my hair, and do all the other bath things one does like leg shaving etc. I usually whip out a special body wash I use when I want to feel special . Currently, it’s the Marc Jacobs Honey Shower Gel.

When I’m finally forced to get out of the bath cause my water is now cold. I dry off the apply the Shine Gel by La Pin’Up Montecito because it makes me feel fancy and we are treating ourselves.

 photo pixlr_20151217091906876_zpshyqub3mt.jpg
Shine Gel By Le Pinup Montecito

I’m kind of in love with this stuff, it makes your skin look amazing. It smells lovely too, reminds me of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It’s not greasy and soaks right into your skin which is also a win for me. I hate feeling greasy. photo pixlr_20151217092009585_zpsqswrrqmu.jpgShine Gel by La Pin’Up by Montecito® for the body, illuminates your skin and makes it shimmer with moisture. Tiny shimmer particles enhance your skin with a soft radiance. All skin colors will be enhanced by the golden glow and your complexion will softly shimmer with warmth. Your skin will be supple, moisturized, perfumed and satin soft with a light sheen.”

“Quickly absorbed, no greasy after feel. Doesn’t stain your clothes.”

“Enriched with vitamins B5, E and Aloe Vera.”

How to use:

“Apply a small amount of Shine Gel to clean, dry skin, paying special attention to your shoulders, collar bones, and shins, anywhere you want to glow. Let it absorb before getting dressed.”

“Can be used in place of moisturizer.”

The Shine Gel by La Pin’Up retails for $23.90

Get it here

I really love the Shine Gel for date night when I want to wear a sexy outfit and show some skin.

Even though I received these products for free I’d still highly recommend them. There are some nice gift sets available on the site too.

Now that my spa time is done I like to go sit outside with the pup and my coffee and watch the sun come up while I check my social media and emails. Even today as cold as it is l, me and the Pumpkin  are cuddled up. photo 20151217_073024_zps4sx4bojh.jpg

Something about starting the morning like this just amps me up for a day of blogging and makeup or a date night/day.

treat yo self photo: Treat yo self. tomhaverford treatyoself.gif

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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  1. Haha, I love Parks and Rec! The Sublim Oil looks interesting. I’ve been looking for some treatment or oil to apply on my sad and sparse lashes and brows. Haha

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