25 Days of Makeup – Day 24 – Bare Essentials

 photo 14_zpswi4zkrxg.png

Bare essential makeup for me the few things I always take a second to so before leaving the house just to run errands or hang out with the girls. It’s the every day “ain’t nobody got time fo dat” makeup.

 photo DSC02058_zpsj4yn4pd5.jpg

Spf. If I’m going out in daylight hours even just bring the dog to the grass, I put on SPF. I have a type of rosacea that can cause pimples around my nose and cheeks along with redness. Sun exposure is the main cause of a flair up so a good SPF keeps it in check. It’s always important to use an SPF anyway. It prevents dark spots, premature aging, and skin cancer. Talk about something ain’t nobody got time for.

 photo 20151201_185713_zpsjwkxbnv5.jpg

The next thing I always do before going anywhere is brows. “I just gotta put my browser on and then I’m ready” should be my catchphrase. It’s not that I don’t have eyebrows, they’re in pretty good shape these days but they’re very pale and not dense so they can kind of disappear. I don’t feel complete unless I just given them so color and filled in the gaps. I use various products for this depending on my mood but if I’m in a rush it’s usually either my NYX Micro Brow or my elf pencil and a colored setting gel.

 photo 20150801_181548_zpsmqquz7cv.jpg photo fitmepowder_zpsxayou4ec.jpg

I usually put a bit of concealer around the eyes and any red bits and a light dusting of powder in my oily spots.

 photo 20150831_172857_zpsxmrdercp.jpg

I like to add a touch of blush to my cheeks too. Blush gives my face life. I normally go for something soft and neutral with a hint of glow.

 photo 20150822_035214_zps059539lq.jpg

Of course some mascara and curl my lashes to open my eyes up and make me look awake. I have quite small, hooded eyes and  can look tired and droopy due to a birth defect I’ve mentioned before called ptosis. Meaning I have paralysis in my eyelids which doesn’t allow them to open as wide as they should but like blush, mascara brings life to them. So yeah, when my eyes look a bit wonky in photos it’s because of the ptosis, it can look more pronounced at certain angles. If it wasn’t for mascara, I’d look half asleep.

If I’m feeling it, I put a bit of a black-brown liner at the roots of my upper lashes for some more definition.

 photo narslip1_zpsgqxxx0kd.jpg

Lastly, I put on a lip gloss or a sheer lip color just to look finished.

I’m one of those girls who likes to look somewhat put together, never in PJs running errands.  Leggings and a band tee don’t count. Lol. For the most part, I enjoy taking the time to do full makeup but it’s not possible every day and sometimes you just can’t be bothered with it so that’s when I just my bare essentials.

 photo pixlr_20151223204000279_zpsigrsiwfe.jpg

 In fact, today just happened to be one of those days. Grabbed lunch and groceries for Christmas eve then had a Red Stripe with some friends at the house.

The final 25 Days of Makeup post will be up tomorrow,  I’m combining the last two themes. I got a busy day ahead of me full of makeup, tidying up and cooking. I’m cooking my first ham with all the fixings today and having friends and family over.

I hope everyone has a great holiday!

 photo 15_zps0rtaoeum.png

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