New Years Eve Makeup 2016 – Feat- Urban Decay Vice 2


What a long and crazy year 2015 has been. From a really crappy start came a great ending. So much has changed for the better. I found my niche with beauty blogging, I got married and found some wonderful people along the way.

Today,  have a New Years Eve look that’s kind of out of the ordinary. I can across a picture of me on Facebook Memories from when I first got my hands on The Vice 2 Palette and I created a jewel-toned eye using greens and blues. After I saw the picture I had to recreate the look for ya’ll.


 photo 20151230_013053_zpsqzytirjh.jpg
Urban Decay Vice 2


The star of the show today is the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette. I’m still head over feet for the Vice 2. Okay, let’s get started before I pass out, much sleep deprived!

 photo 20151229_214843_zpsyq06x6eh.jpgFirst things first, brows, primer, base shade on the lid. Done.
 photo 20151229_215018_zpsg1xnhww5.jpgNext up, transition shade. I used “Rewind” (warm camel) shade for this. I blended “Rewind” in the crease area toward the brow bone with a fluffy brush like the one pictured below.
 photo 20151230_012951_zpsovysovnz.jpg photo 20151230_013211_zps3vnymb46.jpg photo 20151229_215309_zpsawng7zox.jpgNow things get fun! I can’t get enough of “Damaged” (Jewel tone Green) I think we’ll be seeing him again in the future where he can really shine.  photo 20151230_012946_zpshp8sjua2.jpgI used a flat shader brush to pack this shade over the inner part of the lid and blended across.  photo 20151230_013348_zpsbdfelm0f.jpg photo 20151229_215458_zpse1wqyose.jpgThen I took “Madness” (royal metallic blue) from the center of the lid to the outer corner on the same brush.  photo evrdvrdv_zpseogjlvcp.jpg

 photo 20151229_215629_zpszwgu3nja.jpgNow it’s getting messy but we’re on the right track. With “prank” (blackened navy with teal glitter) I defined the outer V and pulled it across the crease. Still using the same brush.
 photo ffrfrfr_zpsunbum5jj.jpg

 photo 20151229_220032_zpsgwvwwoy4.jpg

I gave the crease a soft blend with the fluffy brush from earlier and cleaned up the fallout and edges.
 photo pixlr_20151231041955928_zps8mdosuwb.jpg I finally had a reason to crack open this Milani Constellation Gel Liner in “Enchanted Lapis”

 photo collage7777_zpsihgz2rlu.jpg
Milani Constellations Gel Liner in Enchanted Lapis

So pretty!
 photo 20151230_013401_zpssl3bfg4l.jpgI lined my upper lash line with the gel liner and a fine point liner brush.  photo 20151230_012955_zpsyl5r9zcl.jpgI also highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with “Dope”  photo pixlr_20151231042022499_zpslytj0nxx.jpgFor even more zazz, I patted “Midnight in Paris” From the Too Faced Le Grande Palais Palette along the liner while it was still tacky.
 photo 20151230_012652_zpscewcszcv.jpg“Midnight in Paris” is pretty much a blackened blue chunky glitter so it worked great with a sticky base to cling too.
 photo 20151229_224046_zpsjlpwfviq.jpgI repeated the same steps on the bottom lash line bringing “prank” out to meet the top lid and tappering into a wing. I tight lined to kind of ground the look.
 photo udliner_zpsca3gv8wx.jpg photo 20151229_224515_zpswmymxjdw.jpg

The last thing for the eyes is tons of mascara! False lashes would be great with this look too.

 photo mascara_zpsonayok99.jpg
Maybelline Colossal Lash Mascara

On to the face. When using blue eye shadows you really wanna make sure all the fallout is cleaned up and try to brighten the under eye, as well as perfect the skin as much as possible. Blue shades than to wash me out and not look to great on me but with using the warm transition shade on the eyes and the black liner it helped.
 photo 20151229_225803_zpsq3mimekl.jpgI tried to make the skin as bright and healthy looking as I could.

 photo 20150901_185332_zpsy3jkpo4c.jpg
Maybelline Master Prime by Face Studio in Blur + Redness.

I used a color correcting primer to reduce redness first. If you would like a review of the primer, let me know below!

 photo 20150727_175556_zps1wekmc7p.jpg
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

Review Here 

 photo 20151202_202151_zpsoohd3uqv.jpg
NYX Radiant Finishing Powder

I also used a color correcting face powder.

 photo wnw_zpshe7ldtt4.jpg
Wet N Wild Color Icon Contouring Palette 

For contour, I whipped out an old favorite. 
 photo 20151230_012728_zpsymlbmdwd.jpg
 I went for a nice pink blush 
 photo 20151230_012718_zpsvohqpxsf.jpgAnd Sun Bunny Bronzer to warm up my complexion.

For a highlighter, I used the Pacifica Ethereal Eye Shadow.

 photo 20151229_225553_zpsexyf7rzu.jpg

Lastly, on the lips, I went for berry. I used the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Wolvesmouth” because it’s a dark fuchsia with a blue sheen and on top a bit of the NYX Butter Lip Gloss in “Devils Food Cake”

 photo NYXBUTTERGLOSS_zpsmr0ozf7g.jpg
NYX Butter Gloss in Devils Food Cake.

And here’s the finished look! photo pixlr_20151231042152696_zps4geiiig6.jpg
 photo pixlr_20151231042333922_zpsiqz3g4mv.jpg
Now I need a nap before tonight’s festivities. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year! See ya in 2016!


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