Ziggy – Purple Smokey Eye feat. Too Faced Le Grand Chateau

  Today’s look is a purple smokey eye, a little edgy, a little fun and a little out there. Something for a night out. I used the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau to create the look.

This look is called Ziggy in honor of one of my biggest inspirations and first loves, David Bowie. You’ll be missed.

I think everyone has some special moment with David. From the first time, I saw him as a child as The Goblin King and growing up with his music since. So many memories big and small, he was the soundtrack to many of them. From intimate moments of my husband singing his songs to me outside of his apartment when we first met to playing his songs on the jukebox, quiet times alone with “Life on Mars” and dancing to “Heroes” at my wedding. He’s been with me for all my 28 years.

 photo 1914537_10207350082301562_3113872873802259619_n_zpsthczl5tg.jpg
 photo 84892073_zpsilgbc64q.gif
So, let’s put on our Bowie playlists and celebrate his life.

 photo 20151225_134354_zpsxhyna4wf.jpg

I used the purple based palette from  Le Grand Chateau by Too Faced for to create today’s look.

 photo pixlr_20151231041807029_zpsq73ulsuh.jpg

Each palette in the set had a name but I have no idea which is which because it wasn’t written on the palette itself.

 photo 20151230_012841_zpsmdhgwlxo.jpg

Anyway, these are the shadows I used today. So pretty. Let’s get started!

 photo 20160105_140809_zpsiw5zvjxf.jpg

As always I start with brows done and a primed eyelid.

 photo 20160105_140949_zpsiflomcfj.jpg

I took “Rendezvous” (matte mauve)  throughout the crease are as our transition shade.
 photo Untitled_zpsr7kdmww7.jpg

 photo 20160105_141148_zpstmzpzve6.jpg

On the lid, I used “Provence” (shimmery purple with a slight blue shift) applied with a flat shader brush.

 photo 26516_zps0ulioolm.jpg
 photo 20160105_141513_zpsxgj2slku.jpg

With the same brush, I applied “Tre Chic” (black with gold micro glitter) to the outer V and blended into the purple.

 photo Untitled_zps1gdvr4b5.jpg

 photo 20160105_141710_zpsujzptckl.jpg

I went back in with “Provence”  with a damp brush to bring in some intensity by gently patting the shadow onto the lid.

 photo 20160105_142341_zpsz3dzstzt.jpg

I “Le Marais”  (white duo chrome with a purple/ pink shift) on the inner corner and just under the arch of the brow for a highlight. This shadow is gorgeous, I wish the picture did it justice.

 photo 11161_zps34r3nxol.jpg

 photo 20160105_142530_zpsclwa6l49.jpg

I added a small wing and some liner on the upper lid with a gel liner. Then set it with “Tre Chic” (black with purple micro glitter)

 photo 20151216_070812_zpspcwn6tac.jpg

 photo 20160105_144113_zps8vvvfl9r.jpg

On the lower lash line, I blended I mixture of “Rendezvous ” (matte mauve) and “Tre Chic” on the outer portion and blended over toward the inner corner, where most the pigmentation would be on the outer part.

 photo 20160105_144227_zpslekkfzyh.jpg

I took “Provence” on the center part and blended it into the “Tre Chic”/”Rendezvous” combination.

 photo 20160105_144358_zpsss8zyzkr.jpg

Then back in with “Le Marais ” on the inner corner.

 photo 20160105_144929_zpsugi9egsf.jpg

I tight lined with the gel liner as well to ground the look. My eyes can get kind of lost in the shadow if I don’t tight line when using bold colors.

 photo 20160105_145837_zpssnetqgla.jpg

And of course, I finished the eye off with tons of mascara.

 photo 20151219_042721_zps9q8nekxe.jpg
Kat Von D Immortal Lash Mascara

 photo 20160105_151847_zpsewirnvbb.jpg

I chose a mauve shade for the lips, for this, I went with Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Baci”. BTW “Tea Rose” from elf in the matte color formula is a great dupe.

 photo 20151207_185523_zpstwppgabx.jpg
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Baci

Here’s the finished look! For more details on the blush and contour check out my review of the Tartiest Contour Palette.
 photo pixlr_20160107040234643_zpsgddyhl8g.jpg
 photo pixlr_20160107040201104_zpsvc70jbny.jpg
 photo pixlr_20160107035741045_zps8ypy0lvd.jpg
 photo pixlr_20160107035659493_zpsndme57r8.jpg
 photo pixlr_20160105154935591_zpshjvxiz3e.jpg



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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.




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