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Today, I have a review of a few Montecito Cosmetics products. The company reached out to me and allowed me to pick some stuff to try out. I wasn’t required to review these or anything. That being said, I’ve enjoyed the products so much I decided I had to review them and do some looks using the products.

In this review, I want to talk about the B.Blush Glowing Shimmer Blush, the Nude and Smoky Eye Shadow Palette, and the Eye Shadow Glow. So let’s dive in!

First up is the B.Blush Glowing Shimmer Blush. I’ve been on a real blush kick so I had to pick one out. I chose the shade No.4  a soft yet pigmented pale pink with a hint of warmth.

 photo 20160111_195315_001_zpskolnjl6g.jpg
Montecito B.Blush Glowing Shimmer Blush

The packaging is very nice, simple and sleek. It reminds me of MAC. All their packaging has been quite nice.


B.Blush Glowing Shimmer Blush

B.Blush Glowing Shimmer blush creates a healthy glow and allow you to obtain a radiant complexion.Easy to use, just a few dabs on the cheekbones will be enough to bring luminosity to your complexion.

Tips for using the B.Blush blusher:As the final touch and with the help of a brush, having patted it to get rid of any excess, apply to the cheekbones with a sweeping motion from the roots of the hair towards the bottom of the nose.



 photo 20160111_195134_zpstgreptky.jpg
Montecito B.Blush Glowing Shimmer Blush


How pretty is this blush? I’m a sucker for these marbled baked blushes. All the colors combined create a lovely soft pink that is can still be strong and quite pigmented. It’s definitely a shade that can work on all skin types depending on how much you apply. It’s a perfect balance between warm and cool making it very versatile.

 photo 20160111_195240_001_zpssside4kn.jpg

The blush also has a great highlighting effect, so you can skip a highlight altogether if you want. I think it will be a great blush for the spring in summer. If you are a fan of the Milani Baked Blushes and Laura Geller’s Baked Blush then you will like this one.

The texture is soft and somewhat powdery but smooth.

 photo 20160108_231240_zpscd0vmboo.jpg

B.Blush Glowing Shimmer Blush by Montecito retails for $15.90 and is available in 3 shades.

Get it here: B.Blush

Next up is the Nude and Smoky Eye Shadow Palette.

 photo 20160111_195032_zpsiqcschei.jpg
Montecito Nude and Smoky Eye Shadow Palette

Talk about a handy palette to have. I found so many uses for this guy, from eyeshadow, brows to contour and bronze. It’s a great all in one type of palette. I can create a quick contoured eye and be out the door, to a dramatic evening eye. This would be a great one to throw in you bag for the day and be able to use it to transition into night.

Nude & Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

We revisit the Smoky Eye with the Nude & Smoky Eye shadow Palette by Montecito. You will be able to create a multitude of styles for your look, from nude to intensely smoky.

New trend: Nude Smoky

Discover and rediscover the power of the smoky look, in shades ranging from more nude to more charcoal! The professional Nude & Smoky Palette is made up of 6 colors, easy to apply, with a velvety finish; the Nude & Smoky palette contains 5 MATTE eye shadow colors + 1 GLOW eye shadow color for playing around with shades.

Optimum wear, pigments don’t fall below the eyelid on application with a brush.


 photo 20160111_195058_zpsj1jzop93.jpg

Another great feature about this palette is how much product you get! the pans are the size of ones you find in contour palettes.

The shadows themselves are pigmented, not too soft, not too hard. They blend out very smooth and are easy to work with.  The only shadow I had a little bit of trouble with was the top right medium brown. It lacked the pigmentation and softness the others had.

 photo 20160111_194942_zpsprdbd90r.jpg

I really dig the packaging, again it’s simple but there is beauty in simplicity. It feels very professional, sleek and sturdy. It’s great quality. The mirror inside is perfect too. It’s a glass mirror, not some dinky flexible one that warps like in some palettes. There is also a compartment to fit a small brush in the center.

 photo 20160110_114206_zpsvoxxs9ws.jpg

Here’s a smoky eye I created using the Nude and Smokey Palette. I’ll have a tutorial up on this look in a couple of days.

NUDE & SMOKY EYE SHADOW PALETTE by Montecito retails for $26.90

Get it here: Nude and Smoky Palette
 photo 20160111_194918_zpsflbexjsu.jpg

Last but not least I have the Eye Shadow Glow which is a collection of single shimmery shadows. I chose the shade, No.207 Columbia, because I love cranberry shades.

Eyeshadow Glow

EYESHADOW GLOW by Montecito are our glowing iridescent finish pigment-infused eyeshadows. Their ultra-silky texture makes them easy to apply and easy to layer.  Optimum wear, the pigments don’t fall beneath the eyelid when applying with a brush.

Use: Option of using individually over the whole eyelid or layering by beginning with the lighter shade (inner corner of the eye) then layering on the darker shade (outer corner of the eye).

Pro tip: To intensify the look, moisten your brush before applying pigments. Eyeshadow Glow will burst with intensity.


 photo 20160111_194909_zpsv8tgqc0k.jpg

The quality of this shadow is amazing. Up there with Urban Decay or Makeup Geek. It’s soft, buttery and super pigmented. I’m going to need more of these. LOL.

 photo 20160111_194843_zpsdetan3v8.jpg

Again the packaging is great. I was surprised by the mirror being in the little compact too. It was a nice detail.

 photo 20160108_231228_zpsowqxjo8i.jpg
 photo collage1_zps7ubxsfgr.jpg

This look was using the shadow dry in conjunction with the Nude and Smoky Eyeshadow Palette.

 photo fdbdfbfs_zpsvx3mokyn.jpg

In this look from an upcoming tutorial was applied with a damp brush to bring out the most pigmentation. I also used the Nude and Smoky Palette in this look.

The Eye Shadow Glow comes in 10 shades and retails for $9.90

Get the Eye Shadow Glow here: Eyeshadow GLOW

Overall, I’m impressed with the brand. I love their skin and bath products and was super excited about getting my hands on the cosmetics, and they didn’t disappoint.

You can read my review of their bath and skin products here:  Treat Yo Self – My Spa Mornings with Montecito

Keep a look out for a couple upcoming tutorials using Montecito Cosmetics.


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