Smoldering Smoky Eye Feat. Montecito Cosmetics


Alright, Alright Alright. Back into the swing of things. I have a tutorial for you today featuring the Montecito Cosmetics products I reviewed yesterday. See it here: Montecito Cosmetics Review

I wanted the star of the show to be the Nude and Smoky palette and the best way to do that is to create a traditional smoky eye to show it’s capabilities.

So let’s jump on in!

 photo 20160111_194942_zpsprdbd90r.jpg photo 20160111_195032_zpsiqcschei.jpg

Like I said in my review this palette is super handy to have in your kit. I used it for my eyes, contour and bronzer in this look.

 photo 20160111_195058_zpsj1jzop93.jpg
 photo 20160110_105318_zpsihq49dy3.jpg

The first thing I did was fill my brows in, prime my lids and apply the white shadow from lid to brow bone as a base shade and to create a clean smooth canvas.

 photo 20160110_105533_zpsvgzyd6be.jpg

I then took the lightest matte brown through the crease and blended up toward the brow as a transition shade.
 photo 20160110_105713_zpsfgvazia7.jpg

I blended the second darkest brown onto the lid and into the crease, blending it with our transition shade.
 photo VSVsV_zpswtcr40pc.jpg

Next, I took the darkest brown and started at the outer corner or V I blended inward onto the lid staying under the crease and close to the lash line.
 photo 20160110_110437_zpswo7pm6qx.jpg

Using a brown liner from NYC I tight lined my upper and lower waterline as well as along my upper lash line. In retrospect, I should have used a deeper shade or a cooler one.


 photo collage61816_zpsrm8lqxiz.jpg
NYC City Proof 24 Hour Eyeliner


 photo 20160110_110808_zpsnxvaeubz.jpg

I moved on to the lower lash line and smoked it out with the deepest brown and the second darkest to blend, keeping most the darkness at the outer portion. You can bring it in further if you want, but keeping it focused on the outer portion is more flattering for my eye shape. It gives it a lifted more open appearance.
 photo 20160110_111616_zpsrfcqdtxx.jpg photo 20160110_111618_zpsohpu7gft.jpg

I went in with the black shade along the upper and lower lash line to add intensity and even more smokiness. I keep the black close to the lash line and softly blended it so there was no harsh line. I also pulled the black a bit higher in the outer corner to create more lift to my eyes and have a nice gradient effect.

 photo 20160110_111847_zpsdk2zbfhf.jpg

I placed the shimmery light bronze shade on the inner corner and blended inward.
 photo 20160110_114206_zpsvoxxs9ws.jpg

The finished off with mascara, for this I used the Montecito 3d, Fiber Mascara. Review coming soon.


 photo 20160111_195350_zpsculhbsme.jpg
Montecito 3d Fiber Mascara
 photo 20160111_195404_zpso92pz6wq.jpg
Montecito 3d Fiber Mascara


 photo 20160110_115233_zpsueuyuvlo.jpg

For lips, I chose a deep brownish berry shade by Maybelline.

 photo 20160115_131418_zpslpmxbjpp.jpg
Maybelline 14hr Lipstick in Endless Rasin

 photo 20160111_195315_001_zpskolnjl6g.jpg
And for my blush, I used the Montecito B.Blush in No. 4. and used the Nude and Smoky Palette as my contour and bronzer.

Here’s the finished look!

 photo pixlr_20160115173739338 1_zpsl4liystn.jpg  photo pixlr_20160115174047250 1_zpsvnz67hef.jpg  photo pixlr_20160115174155473 1_zpst4ftdmtf.jpg


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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.






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