Montecito Cosmetics 3d Fiber Mascara Review and Demo


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Today I have a review of Montecito 3d Fiber Mascara. So let’s jump in.

A true, professional eyelash extension effect, for an intense look thanks to Montecito 3D Fiber Mascara. Montecito 3D Fiber mascara is presented in the form of 2 brushes to complement each other, one brush containing silicone grip, the other containing fibers. – From Montecito

 photo 20160111_195404_zpso92pz6wq.jpg

First of all the packaging is super luxe. The tubes come in a velvet lined box with a magnetic closer. Really nice.

Inside the box, you get a mascara and in the shorter tube is the little fibers.
 photo 20160111_195527_zpskvfe2ach.jpg photo 20160111_195438_zpsvsbmjxwm.jpg

The mascara tube looks like this, with a standard silicone wand. It’s a pretty good formula on its own in fact. It’s very black and is a wet formula. It being on the wet side is beneficial to applying the fibers as they need to stick to it. The prongs on the wand help to grip and separate the lashes after you apply the fibers causing them to flow with your lashes and not get clumpy.

 photo 20160111_195539_zpsfduxf7zg.jpg photo 20160111_195602_zpspe4kdgsx.jpg

Here are the fibers in the short tube. I don’t really know how to describe them. They’re like little hairs that cling to the mascara.


The 3D Fiber mascara requires a longer application time than a classic mascara. Your eyelashes must be perfectly clean and make-up free, with no mascara residue for an optimum result. We recommend you work on one full eye until the end of the application of the fiber mascara, then begin the other.

1 – Apply an initial layer of the carbon gel mascara [sic] from your 3D fiber mascara kit, thoroughly brushing each eyelash so that they are all well separated. Leave to dry.

2 – Apply a second layer of the carbon gel from your 3D fiber mascara kit. This second layer will serve as glue to the fiber. You must therefore not leave it to dry.

3 – Immediately apply the fibers by brushing your eyelashes. You must keep your eye ¾ closed in order to avoid the fibers falling into the eye.

4 – After having deposited the fibers, apply another layer of black silicone gel mascara to set and place them.

5 – You can redo steps 3 and 4 once again if you wish to achieve an even more impressive result. The 3D Fiber mascara is a revolutionary technology that allows you to achieve an eyelash extension effect in just a few minutes. Try now for a breath-taking look.

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From Montecito

The application is pretty much the same as other 3d fiber mascaras. I do want to stress the importance is using caution when you go in with the fibers, they will get into the eye. I used a gentle patting motion to apply with my eye mostly closed.


 photo 20160110_102112_zpscgcjggp1.jpg

Here are my bare lashes. (sorry my eyebrow is out of hand!)
 photo 20160110_102221_zpsiyeonkh5.jpg

I applied two coats of the mascara, letting the first one dry and leaving the second coat tacky so the fiber would adhere. This mascara looks pretty nice on its own.
 photo 20160110_102351_zpsvw5fc1ud.jpg

While that second coat is still wet I went in with the fibers in a gentle patting motion with my eye mostly closed. You can see the little guys clinging to the mascara.
 photo 20160110_102449_zpsltuvkcmk.jpg

The I applied a 3rd coat of the mascara to lock the fibers in, you can definitely see how much fuller my lashes look and longer.
 photo 20160110_102748_zpstesbbj4u.jpg

I repeated added a second coat of fibers and mascara to create even more drama. This added a lot more volume. I like it!

Another thing I do want to point out is to do this before foundation. The fibers will fall and get stuck to your foundation but if you do the lashes first the fibers brush off easily with a powder brush. This is the case with all fiber mascara I believe.

I think this is a great alternative to falsies for when you want some extra VA Va Voom. After you’ve used  the product a couple of times it becomes really easy too. There is a learning curve at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s worth it in my opinion.

INCREASES THE VOLUME AND THICKNESS OF EYELASHES – You can create the most beautiful eye make-up designs, but if you don’t finish it off by enhancing your eyelashes the end result won’t measure up! 3D fiber mascara allows you to beautify your look and bring a radical change in appearance to your eyes. Get the results of a professional make-up artist.

  • QUICK AND EASY TO APPLY – 3D fiber mascara is very easy to use, in just 4 steps.
  • NATURAL AND SAFE FIBERS – The 3D fibers of Montecito mascara are composed of 100% natural green tea extract, and are completely safe for your eyes. The ingredients are carefully selected so that they provoke no irritation while they are in use for long periods.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – You can find different qualities of fiber-based mascara on the market. We can guarantee you total satisfaction with our 3D Fiber mascara.
  • MADE IN THE USA – A 100% American production – Controlled by the FDA and the ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé [National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products]).

from Montecito

The Montecito 3D Fiber Mascara retails for $29.90 and is available at


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