Valentine’s Evening Makeup feat Montecito Cosmetics


20160121_024316Valentine’s Day is just around the corner now, so I wanted to do an inspired look. Most the tutorials I see are very sweet and nice. I decided to go the more sexy, vixen like route this year for starters.  Something dramatic and sultry. I also wanted to showcase the Eyeshadow Glow by Montecito in Columbia by doing a halo smoky eye so the eye shadow can really stand out. You could rock this look for a hot date or an anti valentine’s day girls night out.

I will be posting a daytime look as well in the coming week too.

 photo pixlr_20160130065157191_zpsiptsnbqm.jpg

If you want to see how I got this look, just keep reading below!

 photo 20160111_195032_zpsiqcschei.jpg

For the base, transition and smokiness in this look I’ll be using the Nude and Smoky Palette from Montecito. You can see my review here.

 photo 20160121_013053_zpsqtlqyjml.jpg

On a primed eye, I applied the white shade from the palette from lid to brow bone as a base and highlight. I’ve already done my brows as usual.

 photo 20160121_013259_zps8tuiffi6.jpg

Next, I used the lightest brown shade as a transition in the crease area and blended into the highlight.

 photo rgrgrg_zpsvtz8xhi7.jpg

With the next darkest brown shade I began creating the shape of the eye look. Adding intensity to the inner and outer corner and blending across the crease.
 photo BFbsrbr_zpso7huqr7x.jpg

I applied the darkest brown to the inner and outer corner of the eye leaving the center blank. Adding the brown at this point makes for easier blending later on when we add the black in.

 photo pixlr_20160130080753448_zps37847s5s.jpg photo 20160121_014328_zpsdarr92iz.jpg

On the blank part of the lid, I applied the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust as a base for the Eye Shadow Glow. I like to use a slightly tacky base on the center in a look like this. It gives the bold shadow something to stick to so it can be as pigmented and bold as possible.

 photo 20160121_014631_zpsji6fwgu8.jpg

On a flat shader brush, I packed the Columbia onto the center of the lid.

 photo 20160111_194918_zpsflbexjsu.jpg
 photo 20160111_194909_zpsv8tgqc0k.jpg

Seriously! I love this eyeshadow! You can read more about it here.
 photo Untitled_zpsfvieluyi.jpg

With the Black from the Nude and Smoky Palette, I added darkness and drama around the outside of the red shade, carefully blending it into the red and into the transition shade. You’ll have to dip back and forth between the black and red until you get the balance and intensity you want.
 photo 20160121_020009_zpsrgaap8fj.jpg

I cleaned up the fallout and tight lined the upper and lower waterline with a black eyeliner. You can skip this step if you want. I feel like it grounds the look on me so my eyes don’t get lost in all the eye shadow.
 photo fdbdfbfs_zpscwt1zcdn.jpg

I repeated the exact same steps on the lower lash line so it mirrored the top lid and finished off with the Montecito 3d Fiber Mascara instead for all the drama.

 photo 20160111_195404_zpso92pz6wq.jpg

You can check out my review and demo of the 3d Fiber Mascara By Montecito here.
 photo 20160121_024247_zpst0ekzcfb.jpg

I thought for the lips I’d so something bold. You could totally go for something a bit more neutral but I say go big or go home for a look like this.

 photo pixlr_20151216121524872_zpsa7k2jqyx.jpg

I applied a layer of the elf Matte Lip Color in Cranberry and patted the Eye Shadow Glow in Columbia over top.

 photo 20160111_195134_zpstgreptky.jpg

For blush, I used the Montecito B. Blush in No.4.

 photo pixlr_20151217092009585_zpsqswrrqmu.jpg
 photo pixlr_20151217091906876_zpshyqub3mt.jpg

For a finishing touch, if you’re wearing something that shows a bit of skin, a shimmering body gel like the Shine Gel by La Pin’Up Montecito would be perfect. Get you can find it here: Shine Gel by La Pin’Up Montecito and see my review here.


And here’s the finished look!

 photo pixlr_20160130065639580_zpsylu7y5pc.jpg photo pixlr_20160130065401878_zpsnc9h46pn.jpg

*disclaimer* I was sent the Montecito Products to sample was not required to review and wasn’t paid for to feature the products.



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