All About Brows – Products and Tools

Today, I’m starting a little series all about  eyebrows. To kick off I want to start with an overview of the various tools and products you can use to get your eyebrows on fleek.

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Brow Tools

Starting with the basics, a grooming kit or at least a decent pair of tweezers, a spoolie, brow comb, and manicure scissors are key in my opinion. There are some great options of the market for every budget.


But what do you do with all these tools?

Tweezers are used to pluck away stray hairs and tidy up the natural shape of one’s brow.  In the next post, I’ll go into some tips of how to tweeze. There are various types of tweezers available, slanted, finely pointed, various grips, the duo ended and lighted. I’m content with a good pair of fine pointed and slanted ones.

Brow Razors are used to clean up the shape in the same way as tweezers but painlessly. However, you will have to do it more often.  I love using a razor for getting rid of the little fuzzies around my face and the blonde hairs I can’t see to pluck. You do have to be more careful with these because as you can take off half your brow, ask my friend about that. LOL.

Brow combs are for brushing your brows into place, before plucking and trimming with the small scissors.

Scissors are used to trim long crazy hairs and neaten up the shape. These also come in a variety of styles.

Brow stencils are an optional tool if you’re having trouble with your shape.

You have spoolies which are just a fun word to say for one. They’re basically a mascara wand like a tool you use to brush your brows into place and blend product.

I really like this new set from Real Techniques. The shape of the handles makes it easier to see what you’re doing. Also, I thought the smudger it comes with the help map out your brow shape is a great idea, especially for beginners.

Earth Therapeutics 4-pc. Eyebrow Grooming Gift Set, Black
 I found this nice little set on Polyvore. It has all my favorite type of tools.
The trimming scissors have a guard too so it’s easier to trim those crazy long hairs.

Now on to the products.

Brow Powders

Brow powders are a great option if you only need just a little enhancement to your brow. I don’t find the product clings to my skin very well so I use them with other waxier products like a pencil first to map the shape.

Generally, most brow powders are about the same. The main difference will be colors and undertones. There are by far warmer toned brow products on the market so finding a cool tone can be a challenge. Luckily, brands like NYX and Anastasia Beverly Hills have a huge shade range with cool and warm tones.


Brow Pomade and Gels

Next up are pomades, waxes, and gels. This type of product is great for people with very sparse brows. The cling to the skin and are very long wearing and smudge proof. I’m a huge fan of the ABH Dip Brow Pomade.

Most brands have a brow product of this type, though on a few drugstore at the moment and the shade range is limited.

Pomades and Gels can be used with a lighter hand to just fill in and create definition and shape but can get dramatic really fast. These definitely have a learning curve.

I have a review and demo of the NYX Brow Gel here which is comparable to the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow. These are more liquidus products in which a little goes a long way.


Pencils are the most prominent and probably the most user-friendly of the brow filling products. Nearly every brand has more that one type to choose from. As usual, you are more limited in the color range with drugstore but NYX Micro Brow is a great option.

With pencils, you can be neat and precise as well as fill the brow in fully and  as heavy or light as you want.

Brow pens are like liquid eyeliner for your brows, these are great for brows that only need enhancing and you can mimic hairs easily with the fine tip.

Brow Setting Gels

As a finishing touch or if you’re super lucky in the brow department and only need some taming, a setting gel always handy.  A gel will separate the hairs and bring them out so your brow fill will appear more natural and it will lock down all those unruly stubborn hairs.

I prefer a deeper cool brown tinted gel to color my hairs so they actually show up since mine are very light in color.  Brow gels come in a variety of shades and clear. Virtually every brand makes one too.

Brow Highlight

Lastly, there is the option of highlighting your brow bone and cleaning up the edges. A key step in the whole Instagram brow thing and how lovely is the phrase “carving out your brow”, sound more painful than waxing if you ask me. But… I do like to clean up around my brow with a concealer with a light hand. I love a neat brow. Above are my two favorite concealers for this.

You can use a flesh-toned creamy pencil for this like one above, they come in various finishes from a matte to a more shimmery effect. The shimmery ones look great just under the arch of the brow.

In the next post, I’ll go into some tips and tricks for filling and grooming your brows as well as various grooming techniques.


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