Highbrow – By beautyboxboutique

Today I have a guest blogger! The lovely BeautyboxBoutique. She was kind enough to write up a blog for my Brow Series sharing her tips and tricks  from her eyebrow journey to get those fleeky brows.

To see her post just keep reading and don’t forget to check out her blog!
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beautyboxboutique’s blog


There are many products out there for taming those eyebrows, Oh gone are the days, of a quick pluck with a pair of tweezers, found in a Christmas set of makeup & hair brushes ( you remember too right?)

Once eyebrows were not on your agenda of your makeup routine! Now they are one of your top priorities! If those brows aren’t on “fleek” it ain’t happening!

I have had quite a battle to find the right product for my svelt like, often un-cooperative arch’s of eye definition! That I have quite frankly been quite tempted to shave of! Once or twice…Hmmm maybe not!

Ok so I used to used the good old eyebrow pencil for a while, and while of course it covers well – one scratch of your forehead or a lean on your hand and you end up with one smudged eyebrow or looking rather surprised.

Then I moved onto the more heavy duty slightly more drastic look of a brow pen, I have too admit I’m not a fan, I personally think for me they give too harsh a look – I was always scared that if it hadn’t dried properly and I raised my eyebrows I might loose the imprint in my fringe ha ha.

So this took me too brow palette’s and I thought this was about the best of the bunch for me as it gives a much softer look, the key is to go for a shade close to your own hair shade not a dark shade to try and over dramatize. You use the powder and then to set you can use a wax.  My only problem with this was a) again as with other products one brush with your hand, wrist and you have lost half your eyebrow! b) I have areas of my eyebrow that are sparse and need filling in more, which meant building up more product on one eyebrow and then I had to even both out! Overall it’s good product once you get used to applying it.

 photo img_3097_zpso4fjgtjx.jpgMy absolute favorites and now in my Beauty Box to stay are two products I use together.
First I use Anastasia Brow Wiz Brow Wiz then I use Elf Eyebrow Treat & Tame. These two products together along with the finishing gel in the Elf product, make for a natural eyebrow, that actually stays put even overnight! I’m impressed . These will both be staying in my Beauty Box…

 photo img_3116-1_zpsjfevoobb.jpg
 photo img_3098-1_zpsnrtflr05.jpgI hope you have enjoyed my blog, Stay beautiful 💋

elf Eyebrow Treat & Tame

Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Wiz

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