All About Brows – Current Brow Routine

Finally, my brow routine. I’ve been requested to post this since I started my blog. About time huh? This is also the third installment of my Brow Series. In this post, I’ll show you exactly what I do to get my brows on point.

If you haven’t caught on, I take brows very seriously. I’m kinda obsessed.

 photo Screenshot_2016-03-03-15-26-56_zps7mms1xzi.png


So if you want to see how I goFROM THIS

Just keep reading!


The first thing I like to do is tidy up any stray hairs and make sure my brow hairs are trimmed and neat.

 photo browbrushlashcomb_zpsbrslzm2l.jpg

I start with combing my brows up with the comb side of a brow/lash brush. I don’t know the technical name for those. I’m partial to the one from Real Techniques because the comb side is metal. I feel like it gives me good visibility and it’s great for combing out clumpy mascara too. It’s kind of stabby so watch out. I’ve stabbed myself more than once. Anyway, brows combed upward so I can see any crazy hairs that are growing too long.

 photo 20160227_155339_zpsqk1aej3t.jpg

Then with a pair of small scissors. I trim any that are sticking up too far. This just helps give them a neater appearance.

 photo 20160227_155307_zpsmeu9ql0j.jpg

Next, I like to go around my brow area with a little razor. This gets rid of any fuzzies and blonde hairs I can’t see to pluck. Also use with caution, my BFF took off half her brow with one of these by accident.

Real talk: I also use this little guy to defuzz the rest of my face, such as the upper lip. I get the longest thick peach fuzz there and removing it helps my foundation sit much better. No only that, I have random brow hairs that try to grow all the way to my hairline and it’s an easy way to get rid of those too.

 photo tweezers_zpsjfjnrh1l.jpg

And lastly, for grooming, I pluck any stray hairs that are hanging around. I try to do this every time I do my brows so I can stay on top of the shape. If not I just end up with a bunch of hairs that make no sense anywhere.


Now on to the actual filling in of the brow.

 photo 20160227_155556_zps7mfaelsu.jpg

I use a spoolie a lot during this, I start by using in to brush my brows into place, and so I can see  the shape and where needs the most work.

 photo 1_zpsq1smchjt.jpg

As you see my brows are not the best in their natural state. They somehow manage to be big yet sparse. This is my problem brow too so I wanted to show you how I fill in the hard one. This one has far more bald spots compared to my left brow partly because I had a brow ring that rejected and left a bit of scarring  and as a dumb kid I shaved my brows off being all goth.  It’s taken me years to regrow what I have.
 photo 20160227_160003_zpsobvbt7hf.jpg photo 20160227_155713_zpsexbjrts3.jpg photo 20160227_155631_zpslwdsegh6.jpg

My favorite product to start off with is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe with a Real Techniques brow brush to map out the general shape and begin filling in the brow.
 photo 20160227_160049_005_zpstu1xelwn.jpg

I take the smallest amount onto the brush. I basically just lightly pat the product with the brush.  photo 2_zpsoc7xyisz.jpg
Then I start at the bottom of my brow and map out the shape I want to follow.

 photo 3_zpsyipj4fc2.jpg

I do the same on the top starting at the arch and bringing it down to meet the tail.
 photo 4_zpsxzie9lv0.jpg

I take what’s left on the brush and flick it upward through the rest of the brow filling in any gaps. I like to keep the front as soft as possible while maintaining good structure. I brush through with a spoolie afterward.

 photo 20160227_155650_zpsy6ubgjuu.jpg photo dipbrowdemo_zpsnugjxl7f.jpg

With a smaller liner brush that I have taken all the excess product off of. I add some depth.

 photo 5_zpsgtbpmy8d.jpg

You could totally be done here, but I’m too high maintenance apparently…and again brush through with a spoolie.

 photo microbrow_zpswieb2isv.jpg  photo 6_zps97558bbs.jpg

Next, I go in with the NYX Micro Brow and really perfect the shape and add even more depth by using it in a darker shade. I feel like it just makes them look more polished.

 photo nyxbrowgelmascara_zpsxakly0oj.jpg photo 7_zpsapz7o8jy.jpg

I set the brows in place with NYX Brow Gel in Brunette, I prefer a tinted gel so that my actual brow hairs so show since more of them are blonde or nearly white. Also, it keeps them in place for the day.

Now for the last and optional step. Carving out the brows.

 photo concealerbrush_zps30ibighx.jpg photo 20160227_160353_zps2wv8x2wh.jpg

I like to use the brush that came with the Naked 3 for this with any concealer I have on hand.

 photo 8_zpsswqle9vw.jpg

With the flat side of the brush, I go all around the outsides of my brows and clean up any mistakes and really perfect the shape. 

 photo 9_zpscnkzdkdy.jpg
Then just blend it out with the fluffy end of the brush and DONE!

I also use the fluffy side to soften the inner part so it doesn’t look boxy. I try to keep things someone natural.


And here’s the finished look!

 photo 20160224_151453_zpscnyt1zu3.jpg

The makeup in this picture will be a tutorial coming up so keep an eye out and let me know if you found this post helpful. I’ll be posting a review of Colourpop’s new brow line soon too!

 photo Screenshot_2016-03-03-15-22-43_zpsldf72p1w.png

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10 thoughts on “All About Brows – Current Brow Routine

  1. Great tutorial! 🙂
    We have a similar routine, I just use the MAC fluidline for brows instead of the dip brow – not available in my country anyways …
    I love the Real Techniques brush for brows as well, good choice 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool. I’m glad so many brands are making pomades now. I bought that one last year and still have barely made a dent though. I tear through some pencils. Lol.

      There’s something about the texture of that brush. It’s kinda firm and rough but it works so perfect for pomades.


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