Last Week in Makeup and Photos 3/15/2016 – 3/28/2016

 photo IMG_20160325_124937_zpsobsqhwyr.jpgSpring is finally here!  Here are some of the MOTD’s from the last couple of weeks.

 photo 20160315_063600-1_zpsjfhckm8p.jpgI wanted to do a nice light spring look to get into the mood.  photo collageMHMHM_zpsem25royl.jpgThis is one of my favorite daytime looks. It’s a little smoky, but still soft and light. It’s the perfect look to amp up in the evening with a little more of the darker brown for more drama.
 photo collage HMVH V_zpsmnuyvwdd.jpgThen came St. Patrick’s Day and a straight up 4-day hangover that put a damper on most the following weekend and into the week. However, I did create some fun St. Pat’s looks that day.
 photo IMG_20160317_184000_zpsiodzuedi.jpgIn case you missed it, I have a Guinness inspired makeup tutorial. St. Patrick’s  Guinness Inspired Makeup photo 20160317_050853_zpsidwsvryw.jpgThis look I did just playing around that morning with the Vice 3 Palette from Urban Decay paired with Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Halo”
 photo IMG_20160317_154553_zpsltlmxhpv.jpg
 photo 20160317_050925_zpswung0oz4.jpgOn the eyes, I used “Lucky” on the inner portion and blended it into “Dragon”. photo IMG_20160317_053148_zpsrntvcjxp.jpg
 photo 20160317_050949_zpsmrldg5ca.jpg
 photo 20160317_050912_zpsb5sfbbj4.jpg

Then that evening I used the Vice 2 from Urban Decay to create this look.
 photo IMG_20160318_022312_zpsexzwvfhc.jpgI decided to do a halo eye using “Damaged” in the center and “Smoke Out” on the inner and outer corners.
 photo collageWWWDWD_zpsmkywni29.jpgOn the lips, I used Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Prague”
 photo 20160317_184132_zpsbbbxortb.jpg
 photo 20160317_184128_zpshuzkbjdk.jpg
 photo 20160317_184157_zps5u8z2bgz.jpg
 photo 20160317_184144_zpsentl0sfy.jpgIt’s not St. Pats without some goofing around at the bar.
 photo IMG_20160317_174545_zpskocv84sf.jpgThe only reason this pic is here is because you can actually see my hair color.

And lastly, this past Friday I decided to play around with the Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette.

 photo 20160104_005216_zpswg6yymxv.jpg photo collageHNGNCGN_zpsvlsyynq7.jpg
 photo 20160325_162910_zpso5vidnfm.jpg
 photo 20160325_162901_zps1ebsttrh.jpg

On the lips, I have “too lips” Ultra Satin lip from Colourpop

 photo IMG_20160325_124646_zpsfusrmqyp.jpg

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Keep an eye out for my Colourpop Haul and review coming soon.


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Bee Beautiful. Bee You. photo siggy_zpsyatbqx1t.jpg






6 thoughts on “Last Week in Makeup and Photos 3/15/2016 – 3/28/2016

  1. I ❤❤❤ Colorpop.

    My fav color is green so I’m totally enjoying the eye shadows.

    4 day hangover??? That would make me swear off the sauce! I find the older I get the less I can drink because it takes me longer to bounce back than it used to.

    Liked by 1 person

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