The Ultimate all in one Spring Makeup!!!


 photo COLOR COLOR COLOR_zpsfrel8yvg.jpg photo 07_zpslkorrrdm.png


 photo 20160124_105201_zpsizfcf6z9.jpgHere we have my beautiful model for today, Lindsey. I will be assisted by the lovely Emily as well.

Let’s get in there!

 photo collagete_zpskwa4qxqm.jpgBam! Eyes. All the shades of spring on one eyeball. Just look at dat blend.

 photo 20160124_111243_zpsn1ehchfs.jpgNow for brows cause them bitches needs to be on fleek.

 photo 20160124_111643_zpsqtg5gmzs.jpgYou can’t have fleek AF brows with out carving em out like Christmas Ham. The blockier the better.

 photo collagethththt_zpsgx9eqacu.jpgOn to foundation. It’s spring, you wanna look tan right? Why not use a foundation 3 or 4 shades darker than your natural skintone.

 photo 20160124_112440_001_zpsm35hzrrh.jpg

Well obviously, highlighting with a super pale concealer is next. You wanna create hella contrast.  photo collageggegegege_zpsbuuqyoko.jpgThen you gotta bake for about 45 mins to 60 mins at 4oo degrees… Nope, that’s dinner… Like 5 mins is good.

 photo 20160124_113455_zpsaj1ztjqf.jpgDon’t mind my assist in the background, she saying I’m using too dark a contour. Too orange? Why I never.  Anyway, you want to contour so your cheekbones look razor sharp, like you gonna cut a bitch… or that Christmas Ham… Kind of really want ham now.



 photo 20160124_114427_zps8aqxi0ce.jpgHighlight! You want to be so shiny they can see your ass from space! Go for something super shimmery and frosty.

 photo 20160124_114554_zpsclzlujzu.jpgFinish the face with a strong pink blush.

 photo collagebbsrbrb_zpsxvoixf9n.jpg

And of course you gotta get that Kylie Jenner pout. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines.


 photo collagedvadcaca_zpsyvgdpcyo.jpgAnd finally, slap on a dramatic wing with some bold blue liner and mascara and you done.

 photo collage  gg g _zpshuohoyej.jpgThe finished look. You Jelly?

 photo April Fools_zpsfxyvjmux.jpg

Just a bit of fun. I hope we made you laugh a little. This was supposed to have been up on April 1st but you know how that goes…

Well, Lindsey’s anyway. lol. Damn near 30 years old and still goof around with makeup like we did at 16,.

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