Kat Von D Monarch Palette Review

 photo 20160410_191759_zpshgvouo33.jpgToday, I have a review of the Kat Von D Monarch Palette. This has to be one of my favorite palettes hands down. Everything from  the colors down to the packaging. If you want to see swatches and my full review just keep reading below.

Let’s start with the packaging  photo 20160410_191819_zpsyviixwmv.jpgThe exterior of the palette is pretty damn cool. You can see the inspiration from her tattooing. I love the detailing of n the butterfly of the skulls and the gold foiling. The foiling and the colors are indicative of the eyeshadows inside. photo 20160410_191944_zpsjwr86scs.jpgThe design is carried to the back of the palette along with the names of the shadows in the Germanic font we normally see on Kat’s packaging. Not the easiest to read or figure out which shadow is which but aesthetically pleasing none the less. photo 20160410_191909_zps90d32f8q.jpgEven the interior of the palette is decorating used to create something cohesive and unique. Not to mention a fantastic large quality mirror.
 photo RDBDRBDRBDRB_zpsbts8mftj.jpgNow for the eyeshadows themselves which are laid out into a quad grouping of coordinating shades. However, all the shades compliment one another so they can mix and match seamlessly.
 photo 1_zpsoagqm4in.jpg
How gorgeous are these shades? I was surprised by the versatility of the palette despite being a warm palette. I’ve managed to create a wide range of looks from soft simple day time looks to dramatic dark smoky looks.The shadows are soft, buttery and smooth in texture, on par with all of Kat’s eyeshadows. Also like her other eyeshadows, the pigmentation is outstanding. The swatches below were done with one swipe and no primers. photo RGRGRD_zpsrnh1shek.jpg
 photo 3_zpsklfpveqa.jpg
With this first quad, you have the versatility to create simple daytime looks and dramatic night time looks. The shade Wrath is one of my favorites and Summerfly is a beautiful gold shade with glitter. You can really build this shade for s strong foiled finish. Entomology is a great base shade and matte highlight. I tend to use it as a base will all the looks I do with this palette.  For a look using this quad check out my Thanksgiving tutorial here: Thanksgiving Day Makeup Feat. Kat Von D Monarch Palette photo GRDRGDR_zps5svb69ib.jpg photo GNGNGGN_zps2atx2hsl.jpg
The center quad is made up of pale shades which are stunning. I love using them for just a light glow to the lid for day to day. However, you can create some pretty striking looks with these shades. Especially with Delaney which is an unexpected shade in such a warm palette. It creates a lovely contrast. Vanish makes an excellent transitional shade for any look you want to create. My other favorite shade in the palette is definitely Telepathy. It’s such a shiny pigmented shade, yet very pale and has such a soft antiqued gold flash. For a looks using this quad, check out my Rebirth tutorial here: Rebirth – Feat. Kat Von D’s Monarch Palette  photo JYJYJYJYJ_zpsaceax9ax.jpg
 photo GNFNGRDFDRRRF_zpsouya7c2k.jpg
The final quad is mostly dark shades with rich chocolate browns and a soft off black shade. Tiny Death is interesting, though it doesn’t really show in the swatch, the shade has a matte base, a hair cooler than Entomology with tiny silver glitters through out. They do show on the lid and add a nice touch of glam to a look. I have an upcoming tutorial called “Disintegration” that will be posted soon.Here’re some of the perks to the excellent formula Kat used for this palette.  photo UntiYFHTtled_zpsnbrw14mh.jpg
 photo 4_zps4pni8ukh.jpg

I purchased my palette from Sephora for $46.

Below are some examples of looks you can create with The Kat Von D Monarch Palette.

 photo IMG_20160220_170953_zpswxk7vlvk.jpg photo collageVDVD_zpstlm68suq.jpg photo 20160224_151453_zpscnyt1zu3.jpg photo 20151104_231103_zpsw7fzoc7p.jpg photo GRRGES_zpsnuxqwzu6.jpg photo BBTBT_zpst6ezo2wm.jpg photo 20151117_025533_zpsfixmhpdw.jpg photo drdg_zpshslznwpk.jpg photo 20160113_161026_zpsvuqg7rni.jpg

23 thoughts on “Kat Von D Monarch Palette Review

  1. The looks you have made are so versatile and beautiful! I love the Monarch Palette too. It’s one of my favourites! In fact, I just hit pan on “Vanish” the other day–it makes me so sad when I hit pan on things, but happy at the same time because it means I am getting good use out of it, haha. D:

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