Colourpop Brow Pencil and Color

Welcome, Back Beauty Bees! Today I have a review and demo of the new Colourpop brow Pencil and brow color in Dope Taupe.

Let’s get going


 photo grgrggRg_zpsajjpzdkl.jpg

First I want to talk about the brow color which is a brow pomade similar to the one Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nyx, and elf makes. Comparing to the ABH Dip Brow Pomade, the Colorpop one is softer and more like a cream liner in texture. It’s very long wearing once its sets. It can look dramatic or light depending on how you apply it. A little bit goes a long way so one pot can last you forever! I personally really like this product and has become my new go-to brow product.

The shade I bought was Dope Taupe, I have dark blond hair and this shade is a perfect natural match. Not too warm and not too cool. It seems most the shades they carry are on the warmer side. Dope Taupe in the pot cream form is probably the most neutral of all the shades.
 photo 20160320_054721-1_zpsng8czpal.jpg

Now for the pencil. It’s a mechanical twist up style pencil like the Brow Wiz from ABH but much softer and creamy. It’s almost messy in texture for a pencil. I like the size of the nib but I’m a fan of the texture or the color. I feel like the product gets used up way too quickly because it’s so soft. The color, I got the pencil in Dope Taupe as well but it’s a totally different shade than the cream product. It’s damn near red, super warm.
 photo 20160322_101055_zpsi9agldm0.jpg

Here’s the “pomade” next to the pencil. You can see the color difference is pretty pronounced. On top is the cream color and bottom is the pencil.

A soft taupe – the most versatile of them all (this one really gets around)

Now for the demo!
 photo 20160415_080906-1_zpsqjphw3az.jpg

Here is my sad little brow unfilled.
 photo 20160415_081227-1_zpsecsbg0cc.jpg

Here’s how my brow looks using the pencil. Not a fan.
 photo 20160415_081709-1_zpsyccadm33.jpg

And here is the brow color pomade stuff. It’s just called Brow Color on the website. Anyway, I really like the way this product looks. I think the color looks great.

 photo 20160415_081710-1_zpsvzowh5jk.jpg
Lastly, I combined the two, which works out okay since the cream color cancels out the redness of the pencil.

The Brow Color retails for $6 (great price!) and the pencil retails for $5.

Purchase here:

Have you tried the Colourpop Brow products? Tell me what you think below.

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20 thoughts on “Colourpop Brow Pencil and Color

  1. I absolutely love Colourpop. I only have a couple of lippies but want to buy more. I want to venture into the matte game and also use the liners with the lippies. Such great prices!!!;

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