This Month Photos and Makeup – April 2016

Here’s a look at what I got into this April. Nothing too exciting but I do have a few pics to share. photo IMG_20160429_193915_zpsnpyz6m5o.jpg

First up is some shots from the El Camino Trail from Central LA to Texas. We were headed to spend the weekend in Killeen Texas for an annual Army reunion for my husband’s Battalion. Which is always crazy fun. I love those boys.

 photo IMG_20160422_121555_zpssmionzms.jpg
Toledo Bend


 photo 20160422_121300_zps8lpm7hqv.jpg
Toledo Bend


 photo 20160422_144303_zpsjyh96rzj.jpg
Centerville Texas bringing the Murica! LOL.

 photo 20160506_204556_zpsl0vsw6ze.jpg photo 20160506_204539_zps2zpc43bk.jpg

I picked up these little treasures at the same spot in Centerville where the gun smoker was, called Woody’s. That place was pretty amazing. It was a gas station the size of a super marker with a full smokehouse, deli, bakery, coffee bar, artisan candies, and tons of great gifts.  Definitely, a great place to stop and rest on a long trip.

 photo IMG_20160422_175051_zpsulhpev2s.jpg

We finally made it to Killeen after a 6-hour drive. We were tired but the Tilted Kilt was calling. We end up there every year. It’s like a fancy Irish version of Hooters. LOL.

There was lot’s of shenanigans that I can’t post to much about but here’s a hint below. The actual reunion was held at a friend of friend’s man cave, with a fully stocked bar that had more liquor than I have ever seen and yes, a stripper pole.
 photo 20160423_223908_zpszsklky0j.jpg

Strippers, booze, and burgers is an accurate description. LOL! Too much Jager!  photo FB_IMG_1461038048212_zpsqiksrrdr.jpg


We took a different route home stopping over outside Dallas to stay a night with one of the army boys and see my aunt and cousins. I had such grand plans of hitting up the mall in Dallas but did I? Nope. Too damn tired. lol.

 photo FB_IMG_1461540072482_zpsm0cypoyi.jpg

And that was us after the weekend ^^

 photo IMG_20160427_175130_zpsed9squyv.jpg

I was wiped out for about a week after the trip and the gym kicked my ass.
 photo 20160419_155425_zpsv8bpylkb.jpg

I did pick up some new 10 pounds weights for at home so I can do some weight training outside the gym.

 photo Screenshot_2016-04-15-02-49-11-1_zpswweepwr9.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-04-17-09-53-04_zpsijnjb1xe.png

Just a bit of encouragement from the hubby. I needed to keep it.
 photo Screenshot_2016-04-09-06-21-05_zps4fzvm7j0.png

Something about getting away for a weekend seems to keep things healthy in a relationship. I don’t know if it’s the change of scene or trying new things but I feel like we got even closer over the trip. We had a lot of time to talk on the ride and bonded over new things. It’s almost like we reached a new level of openness. Things have been pretty great since. *wink wink*  photo Screenshot_2016-04-05-19-51-54_zpsxpd2jbia.png

Of course, I have to share some pics of my fur baby, Pumpkin, and her oven mitt obsession. She found it in the laundry and toted it around with her for days.

 photo 20160413_031845-1_zps7oaigv3b.jpg photo 20160413_031930-1_zpsfoyglcuw.jpg

Here’re just a few shots from Relay for Life. There was a great turnout. I definitely want to be more involved next year.

 photo IMG_20160429_193915_zpsnpyz6m5o.jpg
 photo 20160429_195121_zpsxo5nnvwp.jpg
 photo 20160429_195124_zpskgwkkzgb.jpg

An odd thing that happened this month was a freaking helicopter landed damn near in my yard. WTF? Scared the crap out of me.
 photo 20160403_180352_zpswkl1lawq.jpg
 photo 20160403_1803400_zpsce2ibs7z.jpg

And now a few shots of a girls night out downtown at The Mirror Room after The Art Crawl.
 photo 20160401_202432_zpsabgtxy0i.jpg

A few drinks were had and fancy pizza.
 photo 20160401_212958_zpshkvmkcsx.jpg
 photo 20160401_213026_zpsnp5icurm.jpg
 photo 20160401_213021_zpsusis78jx.jpg
 photo 20160401_213005_zpsmcmxnetq.jpg

The Mirror Room is one of the nicest spots in Cenla. It’s Art Deco details left for the original designs are gorgeous. The Mirror Room in located in downtown Alexandria in The Bentley Hotel which was featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters.

A couple highlights this month was one of my favorite Youtubers Rebecca Shores liking on of my pics! *fangirl* She just made the Top 30 in the Nyx Face Awards. Go vote for her!
 photo Screenshot_2016-04-30-20-05-22_zpsvvmd0n1b.png

My blog was also added to a website called Pink51  Made my day there.
 photo Screenshot_2016-04-03-21-15-37_zpshv1tqcnq.png

Speaking of blogging accomplishments I hit 1,337 last month! Thank you guys so much for following, liking, reading and commenting!
 photo IMG_20160416_010607_zps3gtbjjcb.jpg

I’m currently at 1,390 I believe. WOW!!!

And lastly, a few makeup looks that weren’t part of the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge.
 photo IMG_20160407_234259_zpsv7dcpafx.jpg
 photo IMG_20160407_233516_zps3idc6rty.jpg
 photo 20160413_211548_zps85ulassy.jpg photo 20160413_211614-1_zpspkm9og5z.jpg

 photo 20160427_231928_zpsgcfkbkga.jpg

Oh yeah, and my BFF left me a Korean nose mask from Tony Moly. Didn’t do a whole lot but it was fun to try.

Okay, that’s all for April. Hopefully, I’ll have a favorites post coming and a what’s in my bag post.


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Bee Beautiful. Bee You. photo siggy_zpsyatbqx1t.jpg


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