What’s in my bag? Travel Edition!

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What the heck is in the suitcase I call a handbag? A lot recently since I have been traveling a bit. So  it’s time to clean this big boy out and get organized. If you want to see all the crap I have been toting around with me for the past month and a half just keep reading!



Firstly, I love this purse. It’s huge so I can carry everything I need in it. Secondly, I love the structured style of the bag. I picked it up at Target a few months ago for $39.99. I’m a huge fan of Target handbags because they are affordable but look high-end, not to mention pretty damn good quality. I put my bags through hell and the ones from Target always survive nicely.

If you are interested in this purse it’s still available here
 photo 20160515_040322_zpsvkfzkyhe.jpg

Not only does the bag have a super roomy main compartment but it has two larger zippered area on the sides, a small zipper pocket on the inside and a two open pockets. I like that it also has an attachable shoulder strap.

So what is inside?  Let’s dive in and find out together (cause I’m not totally sure)
 photo 20160515_035404_zpsp4rbymvh.jpg

First thing on top is my water bottle I take with me everywhere. I bought it just for the gym but I’ve been using it almost every day to make sure I drink enough water. I found this big ass bottle at Rue 21 on clearance for $1.50. I think it holds somewhere around 4 water bottles worth of water. It’s huge, cute and sassy.
 photo 20160515_040246_zpsdimxo2ix.jpg

Next, up, I have a bunch of random crap I seem to always need. Pens, headphones ( one new set I just got) phone charger, flashlight, one ear hook for my headphones ( another one is under the car seat I think) keys, a lighter and a notebook.
 photo 20160515_040745_zpsleanhaqi.jpg

Then I have my eyewear. I wear glasses most days  so I have lens wipes, then two pairs of sunnies, case, and a cloth case that doubles as a lens wipe which comes in handy.
 photo 20160515_041128_zps4tsdzq8b.jpg

Because I’m allergy prone and kind of a mess I lot of little just in case things. Such as; tissues, creams for itchy skin and eczema. My friend gave me these handy-dandy sample sizes for my purse because I’m always scratching. lol. Of course, you need some Ibuprofen or the like. I can’t take NSAIDs but I use this container for my Tylenol instead. Then I have some Band-aids for blisters so my feet can be happy.
 photo 20160515_041132_zpscrg6yae6.jpgContinuing on with first aid type of stuff I have some wet wipes from BWW because they were free. LOL. My allergy meds and a cute little hand sanitizer I got from a bank. I also usually have a snack or two like a Kind bar or the like for before a workout.
 photo 20160515_041348_zpsb1ti3dbv.jpg

Man’s deodorant? Yep, it’s in my bag from an overnight trip. I don’t typically use this kind for day-to-day but if I’m going to the gym or going to be super sweaty then I need the real deal. Organic deodorant can only do some much, I normally wear the La Vanilla brand. That being said, I love this scent called Hawkridge and yeah, I bought this one for myself. Who says you gotta only use girl deodorant?

 photo 20160515_041736_zpsagtz4aqu.jpg

Speaking of smelling good. I have a couple perfumes I bring with me always. I don’t always bring the large bottle of the Marc Jacobs Honey along but he was left from the trip. I do always have the rollerball of it and that old bottle of Very Sexy Hot from Victoria’s Secret since it’s plastic. Do they still even make that?
 photo 20160515_041549_zps5gu03j6r.jpg

Next is hair stuff. I think I had a can of hairspray in my bag too but already took it out.
 photo 20160515_041808_zps1ox0ztpt.jpg

Now for that makeup. I have two big bags in there right now from an overnight trip but I normally don’t carry that much with me on the day-to-day. Just a setting powder and lip products.
 photo 20160515_042430_zps3xtze3pa.jpg

And here’s what’s inside those two bags. Q-tips, Nyx Dewy finishing spray, a mirror, Colourpop Lippie Stick, two lip liners, two eyeliners, two mascaras (because I need two apparently). I brought the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette along because it has 2 blushes, bronzer, highlighter and two ambient lighting powders, plus a decent mirror.
 photo 20160515_042437_zpsngkvbgwv.jpg

Then I have both the Shade + Light Contour Palette and the Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette which is great for travel. Two brow pencils and my Nars foundation, concealer and setting powder.
 photo 20160515_042725_zps27fjou7u.jpg

Of course, I need brushes. I brought all my favorites I use the most from Sonia Kashuk, elf, and Real Techniques.
 photo 20160515_042832_zps2xqvtuhv.jpg


And lastly, I have my old ass wallet and loose change. I think it’s time for an upgrade. Not much has changed from the last time I showed you the inside of it.

There you have it, all my purse crap. LOL. Here’s a link to my purse what’s in my bag blog and my other travel bag post in case you’re interested.  I know I enjoy reading these kinds of posts cause I’m nosey. LOL!

What’s in my bag?!

What’s in My Travel Bag?!

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