HONEY + BLAQK HONEY – Makeup Tutorial feat. Urban Decay


Untitled design (1)Finally, a new tutorial. I’ve been so busy with The 100 Days of Makeup Challenge, I’m makeuped out by the time I get to blogging. Anywho, here’s a tutorial on how I created my HONEY look and how to amp the look up for a night out with BLAQK HONEY. So if you want to see how I created these looks just keep reading below! img_20160526_163758_zpscg1nag5u


Starting with HONEY since BLAQK HONEY is this look but enhanced with dramatic black eyeshadow and a deeper lip. I’ll be bouncing between two palettes for this look, The Vice 3 by Urban Decay and Le Grand Palais Palette from Too Faced. I know that both these palettes are hard to come by but all the shades I used are very dupable and you probably already have these colors floating around in your collection. I’ll also include some dupes at the end of the post.

I begin with a primed eye with brows done as always then moved on to my base shade.

 photo 20160601_135850_zpssaq0fkhb.jpg photo 20160601_135857_zpsu15kkggz.jpg

For my base shade which I placed all over from lid to browbone, I used a creamy tone close to my skin tone and a white shade on the brow bone and inner portion of the eye. Any shade close to your skin tone will do just fine. This is mostly just to create a clean canvas and help with blending the shadows.
 photo 1_zps1u6qncdy.jpg

Next, up, I took a warm rusty brown shade into the crease and blended up and out as a transition shade.

 photo 20160601_135847_zpsdz2fg2ub.jpg

You can find plenty of eyeshadows similar to this right now since warm eye looks are so on trend.

 photo 2_zpswnh3valn.jpg

Now, jumping over to The Vice 3 palette from Urban Decay, I’m taking the shade Lucky all over the lid below the crease leaving a little space right at the inner corner blank.

 photo 20160601_135807_zps5t0ygq5c.jpg

Lucky is such a beautiful amber shade, I love it.

 photo 3_zpsizup00wj.jpg
 photo fdccs_zpsacr2q0nv.jpg

On that blank portion, I laid down a warm gold shade to create some dimension.
 photo 4_zpsvxnva0bf.jpg

Next, with a warm deep shimmery brown, I lightly added some depth to the outer V.
 photo 20160601_135853_zpsinfj1xgl.jpg

 photo 5_zpsjjtiuzeu.jpg

With a warm bronze eyeliner, I sketched in a little flick and lined my upper lash line.

 photo UnGRDGSGRSGDGEtitled_zpsuzegvfxk.jpg

 photo 6_zpsrltipvie.jpg
To add a little more darkness and sparkle to lash line I went over the pencil liner with a dark almost black brown shadow with gold glitter flecks in it.
 photo 20160607_012349_zpslbvk7eyf.jpg

This also softened the liner nicely.

 photo 7_zpsxq571fxg.jpg

At this point, I went ahead and cleaned up my undereye of fallout and finished off my face makeup.

 photo 8_zpssrn6rzke.jpg
Then I moved onto the lower lash line.First blending that warm rusty brown shade along the lower lashline fading it to nothing as I moved closer to the inner corner.
 photo 9_zpsyiubet0u.jpg
To deepen the outer part of the lower lid I took the warm deep brown and lightly blended so it connected with the liner on the outer V and  again tapered into nothing on the inner part.
 photo 10_zpswn4gvm4x.jpg

Lastly, for the shadow, I added the gold to the inner corner and blended it over into the other shades I’d placed on the lower lid and highlighted the inner corner with a golden champagne highlight.
 photo 11_zps9gt9gaad.jpg

Finally, finish off with a ton of mascara!
 photo 12_zpsxg2aszej.jpg

Now for the lips. I quite liked how they turned out in this look.
 photo Untitlegrgrgrgrd_zpsltadscxs.jpg
I used Gold Blooded Studded Kiss Lipstick by Kat Von D as my base and center most color. It’s a beautiful bright red shade shot through with gold glitter. Of course, any fiery red will do. On the outer corners of the lip, I blended in Auburn lip pencil from MAC. It’s a deeper more vampy red.
 photo 20160115_151838_zpsttgim1xz.jpg

 photo pixlr_20151216121708519_zps1hbua4am.jpg
And here is the finished look!
 photo FBFB 2_zpshlvlkf8l.jpg photo FBFB 1_zpsv801dexx.jpg

But wait! There’s more!  photo ELEVATE 4_zpsmbwp90og.jpg
Here’s how to take the look even further for all the drama!
 photo 20160527_170810-1_zpsaomzsyiv.jpgI first amped up the transition shade with a more apricot toned shade found in Milani’s new Everyday Eyes Palette Collection. This shade is from the palette called Earthly Elements. Then I took a black eyeshadow and blended into the outer V, into the crease and pulled it up and out toward the tail of the brow. This was a lot of blending back and forth until I was happy with it.

For the lower lash line, I pretty much did the same thing, first, the warm apricot shade blended into the gold and then the black along the top of that closer to the lashes.

I finished off with lining my upper lash line with a liquid black liner, creating a small flick again and tightlining the bottom waterline with a black pencil.
 photo 20160601_135927_zpsyu4n0aga.jpg photo 20160601_135844_zps4pj1mwkr.jpg

 photo 20160607_012848_zps2v5drvew.jpgFor the lips in this look, I took a deep purple wine shade all over the lip and blended a black liner to deepened the outer portions.

 photo 20160527_173636_zps9dfyrnko.jpg

Finished look #2 BLAQK HONEY photo FBFB 3_zps9vvi467r.jpg

Here’s a list of dupes for the shadows I used:

High end:




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