100 Days of Makeup 21-25

Day 21 – Clouds. Created with The Vice 3 palette from Urban Decay.  photo IMG_20160601_153421_zpsrufkthjk.jpg
 photo IMG_20160601_174142_zpstcm5gh0z.jpg
 photo IMG_20160602_174223_zpsn5oxnmgj.jpg
 photo IMG_20160601_192252_zpsoytzn8gm.jpg

Day 22 – Shine bright like a diamond. I did the full face of highlighter challenge inspired by the lovely Mariya and turned into a challenge by NikkiTutorials and Jeffree Star. Of course the hot pink is a nod to Jeffree.
 photo IMG_20160602_215920_zpswdliydke.jpg
 photo IMG_20160602_220517_zpsioml3bel.jpg
 photo IMG_20160603_001559_zpsk1qx2mgy.jpg

Day 23 –  Vampira. A soft neutral cut crease with a bold liner and lip. I used Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira.
 photo IMG_20160606_010235_zpso3veshzl.jpg
 photo IMG_20160606_195035_zpsknnmdauc.jpg
 photo IMG_20160606_143443_zpsoediinbx.jpg

Day 24 – Shalimar. Look inspired by the classic perfume by Guerlain.
 photo IMG_20160607_144626_zpskbopcysq.jpg
 photo IMG_20160607_174333_zpslvkrs4sm.jpg photo IMG_20160607_174928_zpsfgwov2vr.jpg

Day 25 – #deceased. Inspired by Jeffree Star and created with The Vice 2 palette from Urban Decay.
 photo IMG_20160608_173407_zpswzovxogl.jpg
 photo IMG_20160608_220919_zpslcrcdhv6.jpg


10 thoughts on “100 Days of Makeup 21-25

  1. Something magical happens when you blend those dark eyeshadows, I love it! Could you do a post about how you take your FOTD pictures? I’m having a real problem getting professional looking makeup pictures… Love your blog!

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