Full Face Highlighter Challenge!


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All aboard the makeup wagon! Toot toot!

Jumping right on the makeup challenge train, I decided I had to do the Full Face Highlighter Challenge too after seeing Nikki Tutorials and Jeffree Star’s videos on it. The original video that started it all was by Mariya then turned into a challenge by Nikki and Jeffree.

So what is this highlighter challenge? Basically, do all your makeup with highlighters so you look like a disco ball.

Want to see how well I fared at this challenge? Well, grab your sunglasses and just keep reading below!

First off, here’s the video that started it all and to Nikki and Jeffree’s videos.too.

Now, on to what I did to recreate this crazy look.

 photo 20160203_174905_zpsrco2i2vc.jpg
NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator

The first thing I did was use this NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in place of foundation.

 photo 20160602_205232_zpswdlsvccy.jpg

I applied it with a foundation sponge all over mah face.

 photo 20160115_152323_zpsyz9u1a3q.jpg
elf High definition Powder
 photo 20160613_092438 1_zpsvzg1wi9h.jpg
elf High definition Powder in Shimmer

Next, I took this HD Powder from elf in the shimmer shade and set my entire face.

 photo 20160602_205403_zpsby7w49qd.jpg

Looking pretty damn glowy.

Moving on to adding some color to the look, things started to get a little weird.

 photo 20160613_092403 1_zpswtacixlp.jpg
Milani Baked Blush in Dulce Pink

I took this Milani Baked Blush in Dulce Pink and used it as an eyeshadow into the crease and around the eye to add some depth.

 photo 20160602_205505_zpsxlsjrqov.jpg

I applied it everywhere I would a transition shade and add a shade to create depth.

Then I applied it like I would a blush around the cheeks, then connected it to the eye and around the temple.

 photo 20160602_205701_zpstgg4h03u.jpg

Looking very 70’s glam eh?

 photo 20160614_074748_zpst0yr3x6t.jpg
elf Illuminating Palette

Then with this elf Illuminating Palette I added some highlight to bring features forward.

 photo 20160602_205915_zpsqanm5xl3.jpg

I used the yellow based shade around the undereye and blended it into the pink shade onto the cheeks and hit up all the high points on the face.

 photo 20160613_092208_zpsil0qs6gc.jpg
NYX Strobe Genius


 photo 20160613_092220 1_zpszvghkl1p.jpg

Back to the eyes, I took my NYX Strobe Genius and the lavender shade on to the lid, inner corner, and brow bone. Then the lightest and shimmeriest shade onto the high points as well.

 photo 20160602_210307_zps7n2gtpfc.jpg


 photo UntitGESGSEled_zpsxtm8vcmd.jpg
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in bachelorette

Now for the even weirder part! In opposition to the highlight, I took this warm hot pink matte lipstick from Kat Von D Beauty called bachelorette.

 photo 20160602_211716_zpsoqz1orqu.jpg

I used bachelorette to fill in my brows and create a dramatic wing on the eye. I was really feeling a Cyberpunk vibe with this look. Kinda went for a Cyberpunk Kabuki feel.

I also used the same liquid lipstick on my lips. Not my best application but hey ho

 photo 20160602_211636_zpsveovoqng.jpg


 photo 20160602_212047_zpsh0ezlrvs.jpg

I added a thin bit of black liner right at the base of the lashes.

 photo 20160602_212729_zpsmwhy1fdh.jpg

And finished her off with some mascara.

Bam! Finished look!

 photo 20160602_212737_zpsqh1382wp.jpg

I added some holo glitter across the cheeks but it doesn’t really show on camera.

 photo 20160602_213603_zpsghd4crj3.jpg

This makeup was way too fun to the play within photo editing apps. LOL.

 photo IMG_20160603_001559_zpsrbxk7lrg.jpg

 photo PicsArt_06-02-10.13.17_zpsrbfkntdg.jpg

 photo IMG_20160602_220517_zpsy4ohup6y.jpg

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