Influenster Goddess Vox Box Unboxing!

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Today, I have a quick unboxing of the Influenster Goddess Voxbox. If you want to see what’s inside and get some more info on Influenster then just keep reading below!

Look at all the goodies!
 photo 20160630_005600_zpsjq9sznqm.jpg

I got a nice variety of random newer products to try out. Let’s dig in!
 photo 20160630_005626_zps3sueo5pf.jpg

Info cards.. blah blah blah!
 photo 20160704_091431_zpsryutiyin.jpg

The first thing I spotted was, of course, this box of Always Radiant with Flex Foam. I have to admit this was good timing when I got this. LOL. And they are my preferred brand and type. I already had the larger box in my bathroom.
 photo 20160630_005405_zpscp18ctwp.jpg

Next up was some new shampoo and conditioner to give a try. I haven’t used it enough yet to give a firm opinion but so far so good, even though Pantene isn’t my favourite brand I’ll still use these and see how well they perform.
 photo 20160630_005310_zps7igkx98m.jpg

Yeah… I already review that. Cutex Review Spoiler Alert: photo SheeranInsanity 6_zps7avzwril.png I’ve tried it again and my opinion is still the same.
 photo 20160630_005241_zps3fyexxrq.jpg

Next, I got some packets of Downy Fresh Protect in April Shower. These smell pretty dang good, in fact your whole house will smell when you do a load of laundry with them and the smell lingers of your clean stuff for a good while. Not bad. Would I re-purchase? If I’m feeling fancy and have some extra money. I feel like products like this are more of a treat than something I need. They don’t seem to irritate my skin either like fabric softener which gives me the itches. But more testing shall be done to prove it. I’m not going to risk washing my sheets or clothes with them, only towels just in case.
 photo 20160630_005151_zpsurzfpx8f.jpg

I’m pretty certain this was the best thing in the box. Dickinson’s Hydrating Toner. I’m going to do a full review and my morning and nighttime skincare routine soon, but so far I’m really enjoying this stuff.
 photo 20160630_005041_zpse9brzkar.jpg

Lastly, I got a nail polish from my current favorite brand, Sinful Colors. I’m in love with new gel line. This, however, wasn’t the best application wise but with a good base coat, it looked great and dried to a matte finish. It also held up really well on my nails. I’ll definitely be getting more of these little guys.

If case you are curious Influenster is a service that connects brands with reviewers. You get sent stuff to review if you want. You’re usually given little tasks with each thing like ” Post a pic of this to Instagram, share your thoughts of twitter” or “review on Amazon or” It’s various and simple tasks that can be kinda fun. With completing tasks, you unlock badges and can win prizes. Also, I don’t review everything or complete all the tasks, and when I do do a review it’s totally honest and no BS. I keeps it real. See the Cutex review. I hate reviewing products I don’t like so I rarely waste time on it but that was one of the tasks and they do not require you to be positive by any means. They want honest.

Anyway, That’s what I received in my Goddess VoxBox. Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see ya here soon.


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