Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Concealer Creme Review + Demo #LockitRevolution

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Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Concealer Creme

Good Evening! After much testing I have my review of the Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Concealer Creme for you guys. Spoiler alert: it’s bad ass. I was so excited when these little beauties arrived on my door step thanks to Influenster. How did they know I was such a huge KVD Beauty fan? LOL photo SheeranInsanity 14_zpsvvdodblo.png

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Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Concealer Creme + Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder

Anywho, let’s jump right on in to the review and demo! photo SheeranInsanity 16_zpslasfiysh.png

Meet the new crème on the block! Lock-It Concealer Crème is the first formula to bring together everything you’ve ever wanted in a concealer—super-creamy, blendable full coverage and true 24-hour wear. What other concealer can say that!? – KVD Beauty.com

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First things first I have to talk about the packaging, which is so beautiful and so detailed. Kat really does put everything into her products, no detail is forgotten. The packaging has the classic antique lettering which is a them carried through-out her line. With the Lock-It collection she’s incorporated a wax seal design with the KVD insignia. The style is true to the brand but with a somewhat cleaner modern feel.
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Lock-It Concealer Crème redefines multitasking. With a few smooth strokes, you can brighten under-eyes, cover blemishes, correct discoloration, neutralize redness, contour and highlight… and that’s only the beginning!

Our hard-workin’ formula is loaded with pigment for instant one-coat coverage, yet still lightweight and comfortable on the skin. We’ve infused it with an ultra-moisturizing Hydra-Boost Complex™ to keep skin smooth and nourished all day long.

Best of all, this concealer can be used by everyone! We spent years studying diverse skin tones and undertones to make sure we developed a shade to cover everybody. That’s why Lock-It Concealer Crème offers one of the largest shade ranges out there, with 20 high-pigment tones, plus the very first pure white concealer “White Out.” – Kat Von D Beauty.com

This concealer boost some pretty big claims, but does it live up to them? In short, yes!

The concealer definitely brightens and conceals perfectly. I have a lot of redness in my face and this completely cancels it out and hides any other imperfections as well without getting creasy or greasy. It stays smooth and perfect all day.

The formula is similar to Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in texture and pigmentation. It blends very easily and beautifully. It’s creamy, not greasy or chalky like some concealers can be. It sets flawlessly without settling into fine lines.

The shade selection is awesome too! There really is a shade for everyone. I love that Kat remembered us pale / gothy gals who love a pure white concealer. Though that extreme of a pallor is less flattering on me now that I rock my natural honey blonde hair I still love and appreciate that she made a pure white shade.

Move over Nars and Maybelline, this is my new holy grail concealer.

 photo 20160816_131805_zpsr3ifchot.jpg
Kat Von D Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush

I also received the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush. If that isn’t the most bad ass looking brush? I mean, the design was inspired by a witches broomstick!  The shape does make it very easy and nice to handle.

At KvD Beauty, we never blend in with the crowd, but we sure do LOVE a brush that blends in concealer… And the Lock-It Edge Concealer brush is a dream come true!

Its unique sculpted shape nestles perfectly into the under-eye area, and also concentrates coverage over blemishes and spots on the face. Symmetrical tapered bristles (synthetic and cruelty-free as always!), and an all-over medium density deliver 360 degrees of precise, even blending.

Designed for long-wear, high-pigment formulas, such as Lock-It Concealer Crème, this brush optimizes the coverage, wear and finish of your concealer. Ultra-soft synthetic bristles seamlessly blend concealer precisely where you want it, making quick work of brightening under-eyes, neutralizing redness, concealing spots, and even contouring!

The sleek stiletto handle—inspired by a witch’s broomstick—provides an ergonomic grip for ultimate control and also doubles as a mixing tool!

The brush is hella useful. I use it to apply my concealer and for applying cream highlight products which can be somewhat stiff. The bristles are dense enough to pick up the product and fluffy enough to blend the product. The brush is also very soft to the touch and doesn’t pull at your skin or feel scratchy as you blend the delicate undereye area.

 photo 20160816_131813_zpskoqoejxe.jpg


– This brush works perfectly for cream contouring. The sculpted shape effortlessly hugs the curves of the face for a seamless application. Use the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush for smaller areas, such as the nose. To contour larger areas, such as sculpting cheekbones, use the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush.

– The brush’s long tapered handle performs double duty as a mixing spatula. Dispense your shades on the back of your hand or a palette and swirl together with the handle. This technique is perfect for on-the-go artists who need to travel light.

– Use the brush handle as a line guide for winged eyeliner. Hold it along the outer eye to get the perfect angle before creating your wing with Tattoo Liner.

 photo 20160816_131954_zpsebuo0bua.jpg

The shape is very unique, I would pick up a second one to have on hand in fact because it’s so versatile and handy.

Now on to the demo! I know I always like seeing how well a product performs in a review too.

 photo 20160817_094644_zpsiixmzqjt.jpg

This is my face with just a light layer for foundation. You can still see some redness and tons of freckles. I tend to have more red around the eyes rather than dark circles.

Swipe concealer directly onto face, or back of hand with the paintbrush-shaped applicator. You can blend with either your finger, or for the best coverage, use the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush! – Kat Von D Beauty.com

We could do that or we could just go HAM highlighting…

 photo 20160817_095227_zpsuzxeqtdo.jpg

Highlight face. Hitting all the high points. Excessive? you betcha!
 photo 20160817_095730_zpspzargctx.jpg

But damn, look at the blend though! Redness gone! I used the Lock-It Concealer Brush to blend it out and then pounced over it with a damp beauty blender just to make sure it was seamless.
 photo 20160817_095734_zpsgrdt752e.jpg

Close up. Minimal creasing right at my fine lines because I hadn’t set it yet and was farting around taking pictures and full disclosure, I’m 29 years old and smoked for 13 years I got some lines and some less than perfect skin. LOL. (I no longer smoke btw)

Once I set it (read baked)  with the Lock-It Setting Powder, it looked flawless and wore all day like a dream. I will have a review of the setting powder in the next couple of days. I wanted it separate so this post wouldn’t go on and on. I don’t know about you but I have the attention span of a puppy lately.

Anyway, here is a finished look after it was set and the rest of my makeup was applied. All KVD Beauty products aside from the brows and blush. (Why do I not have a KVD blush?)

 photo 20160817_110045_zps0na6bdur.jpg

 photo 20160817_110053_zpseapr4lip.jpg

 photo 20160817_112507_zpszpsgpn4f.jpg

100% Cruelty Free Forever! 


The Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Creme Concealer comes in 20 shades and retails for $26.00 at Sephora.com or Kat Von D Beauty.com

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