My Top Lippies for Fall 2016 | Bee Beauty by Anna Bankester!

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What up, Beauties! I hope yall are still feeling some fall vibes, cause I sure as heck am. To keep the mood alive here are my top Fall lippy picks for this year complete with mini-reviews and lip swatches.

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Let’s get started, shall we?

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Welcome to mah lips!

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Starting with the most neutral shades and getting deeper and bolder as we go. First up is Maybelline 14 hr Lipstick in “Endless Rasin”. While it’s not any more long wearing than any other lipstick that I have used, the shade is lovely. It’s neutral, but not too pale, not too pink and not too brown. It’s a warm dusty mauve and I love it for an everyday shade when I want a more chill lip.

 photo 20161024_224536_zps67hlcb66.jpg photo 20161024_224435_zpsrazeahnu.jpgNext up is L’oreal Color Riche in “Bronzine”. It’s the perfect on-trend metallic copper shade. The texture is nice if not just a tad slippery on the lips. Also, the L’oreal Color Riche has an overwhelming rose scent and I enjoy it personally but it’s not everyone’s thing. The shade is also deeper than pictured. 


 photo 20161024_225745_zps43yoon7s.jpg photo 20161024_225756_zps4wo0bh7j.jpgGetting a bit deeper now and more pigmented, coming in next is Colourpop’sMatte Lippy Stick in “Grunge”. As you can see by the wear on the tube, this shade is well loved. The perfect brown lip. It has just enough redness in it to keep it flattering and is a dead ringer for the 90s lip. I love the texture on these, they are comfortable and long wearing.  This one is also deeper than pictured.

 photo 20161024_225017_zpslix93hfe.jpg photo 20161024_224953_002_zpsiqxy21zo.jpgMoving into some red shades now my next pick is “Arch Angel” from Kat Von D Beauty. A perfect warm red lip. Deeper than pictured also, a true brick red. Very comfortable long lasting and matte in finish. An another well loved lipstick. 

 photo SheeranInsanity 13_zpsocjtnfdx.png

And now for the deep and bold lips, we all love for Autumn!

 photo 20161025_125342_zps6cyk4s1u.jpg photo 20161025_125437_zpssdqlwa56.jpg

Another shade for Kat Von D, in her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula in the shade “Vampira”.  A deep blood red, perfect for fall. Vampy AF.

 photo 20161024_225207_zpsjkpfcgqg.jpg photo 20161025_150906_zpsqvnk3kic.jpgOkay, one more from KVD. The shade “Wolvesmouth” is a bright berry with a subtle blue shift. I love it for days when I need a cooler toned lip.

 photo 20161025_125951_zpseirbrbfn.jpg photo 20161025_130017_zpsk6b3osp3.jpgStila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Ricco” is probably my favorite deep berry/maroon shade ever! Not to mention one of my favorite formulas for a liquid lipstick. I’m going to need  a new one soon. LOL.

 photo 20161025_124810_zpseruur4yl.jpg photo 20161025_124837_zpsyiyvfksg.jpgStepping out of the norm my next pick Colourpop Matte Liquid Lipstick in Kapow. An odd taupe shade, I guess it’s greige. Not the most flatter shade in the world on me, but IDGAF I love it. Not the most comfortable but I’ve been rocking it.

 photo 20161025_124429_zps8bresj1m.jpg photo 20161025_124406_zpscqxumcvu.jpg

Another pick from Colourpop, this time in the Satin formula. Far more comfortable than the matte and the shade “Too Lips” is so deep and rich. When I think Fall lips, shades like this come to mind.


 photo 20161025_124043_zpssg1lrfpn.jpg photo 20161025_124019_zpsbpbpfg9a.jpgMy next pick is actually a Colourpop lip liner in “Too Lips” which is very different than the lipstick. It’s a near black cool toned purple maroon. I love it as a lipstick paired with a similar colored eyeshadow. (also makes a badass eyeliner). The formula is beautiful on these liners and wears great alone.

 photo 20161024_230102_zpsoupg4ear.jpg photo 20161024_230048_zps1obnuqhm.jpgAnd my last pick, a sorta WTF? kinda shade. A blue-gray. Again, I know it’s not super flattering but no cares here. I love it! and the formula of the Nyx Liquid Suede is lovely. This shade is called “Stone Fox”

Those are my favorites this year! What are yours and how the was yall’s Halloween?
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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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8 thoughts on “My Top Lippies for Fall 2016 | Bee Beauty by Anna Bankester!

  1. Ei like the taupe, but since you said the color did not look good on you I am sure it won’t on me since we have the same coloring. I tend to look good in the mauve or berry colors, but I have one from Laurel I like but I can’t remember the name of it. My fav is cover girl 16 hour sorry can’t remember that name either I just know it when I see it. Love the post.

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