Swamp Queen Tarte x Grav3yardgirl Quickie Review + Looks


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Girl, grab yo sweet tea and get a sippy sippy because today I have a review of the Tarte x Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette. It’s about to get sassy.
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Real sassy!

Tarte just had a restock on the Swamp Queen palette so you can still get your hands on it.  You can get it here at Tarte.com. How do I feel about this palette…  photo tumblr_njys2pdf9W1tewr6uo1_500_zpsjo4s4lf0.gifThe gif says it all. Honestly, I’m kind of overall the palette collabs but I absolutely adore Bunny so I’m on board with this one. It’s unique, versatile and beautiful.
 photo 20160821_171306_zps5wsbiy0r.jpgThe packaging stands out for sure. A faux wood grain and old school font inspired by the  Wild West. Of course, a gator with wings is depicted on the front like a wood burn etching. The package sums up Bunny’s sense of style perfectly. If a palette were Southern Gothic, this is it.
 photo 20160821_171145_zpsn24bcxn7.jpgThe inside is an elegant gold. Super sturdy too!
 photo 20160821_171108_zpsjrmxtxg2.jpgHere’s a look at the shades included.

  • #SFS (rose gold)
  • natural peaches (peachy nude)
  • dogman (burnt sienna)
  • big baby (cream)
  • sassy bun (copper peach)
  • sippy sippy (glittery brown)
  • haunting (lavender)
  • uncommon (purple slate)
  • mancat (deep plum)
  • sweet tea (bronzer)
  • gator wings (highlighter)
  • does this thing really work? (blush)

 I’m loving all the shade names. If you watch Bunny, you know what they all mean. I also love how neutral palette is while still being unique and having an edge. I like how Bunny decided on the shades she included. Something that could be someone’s first palette to a grandmother’s new favorite eyeshadow. She considered her fan and used colors she actually wears. I know we all wanted to see a gator green but have we ever seen her wear a green eyeshadow? (I really have a craving for an olive green eyeshadow and nail polish)

The “bronzer” is really orange but I dig it as a blush mixed in just a bit with the blush shade. The highlight alone is worth getting your hands on it. One of the best ones I have ever used. Full on glow.

The quality of the eyeshadows is out of the park too. Tarte didn’t skimp on quality at all. Smooth pigmented and buttery goodness.

Bunny also released two beautiful lip shades in the Tarteist Lip Paint Formula. I didn’t get my hands on those but there was soft dusty mauve I loved.

 photo 20160821_171113_zpsnawjxxis.jpg
So yeah, I do love this palette quite a bit. It’s a great all in one go to for everyday or occasion.  photo tumblr_o45k6dR6ed1qdyeoco1_500_zpsreooeuu2.gifHere’s a gander and of the looks I created with the Swamp Queen Palette.
 photo IMG_20160902_203754_zpslsuhd9qh.jpg
 photo IMG_20160902_215657_zps4pqoouas.jpg
 photo 13658521_295935074109249_1330513042_n_zpskwukmql2.jpg
 photo 14052262_163297867438756_227175031_n1_zpsa7o3z2oo.jpg
 photo IMG_20160821_170440_zpsyaazs2ww.jpg
 photo IMG_20160821_211039_zps1tvhzkxt.jpg
 photo IMG_20160825_170931_zpslyqy4xwp.jpg
 photo IMG_20160826_004823_zpsofpegvju.jpg
 photo IMG_20160825_002028_zpskuwbjzyg.jpg
 photo IMG_20160824_224831_zpsuehtkhfw.jpg
 photo IMG_20160824_201247_zpsy0u2qcsr.jpgHave you picked up this palette, What’s your thoughts? How many of ya’ll are members of the swamp family?! #SFS photo tumblr_mu6cstf7Jd1spl423o1_500_zpslugwmjvm.gif

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You. Stay Sassy!!!

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