Holiday Glam | An Affordable and Cruelty Free Makeup Tutorial.


 photo 20161204_131345_zpsfeqgqz8p.jpg
 photo Tis the Season  Gold_zpsk4obexlt.pngTis the season alright! The season for Holiday Glam! Today, we’re going to get glam using only drugstore/affordable products that are all cruelty-free! This look features a rose gold smoky eye with winged liner, a golden highlight for the gods and a bold burgundy matte lip, perfect for slaying that holiday party with ease.  photo tumblr_nz74qqj6kj1qlcaaeo1_500_zpsvklzrbla.jpgSo, if you want to see how I got this look, just keep reading below!

 photo 20161204_104753_zpsvhmbi4lz.jpg

First things first, I primed my eyes using ELF’s Eyelid Primer. I applied it all over the lid and into my brows. I like to put it in my brows before I fill them in because I feel like it gives the product something to cling to and they stay put better throughout the day.

 photo 20150803_011422_zpszd4maauf.jpg
ELF Eyelid Primer

Speaking of brows, I used ELF Brow Pencil in Taupe and set it with a  brown shadow from the Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette and used the matte white shade all over the lid and browbone.

 photo 20160907_082640_zpsfim7ugnc.jpg
ELF Brow Pencil

Next up is eyeshadow, I always do my eyes before my face incases of any fallout and clean up that may be needed.
 photo 20160104_005157_zpsia8iszvq.jpg

 photo 20160104_005216_zpsfmkhyp1s.jpg
Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette

The first palette I reached for was the Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette. I had to so a bit of research but I found out that Makeup Revolution is a cruelty-free to the best of my knowledge. The Affirmation palette is beautiful and pretty good quality. Tons of shades with a mix of finishes for an excellent price.

 photo Hope_zpssiuxm4bs.png

I marked the 3 shades I used from the palette with their names aside from what I used in my brows and the matte white I used as a base on my lid. (because I forgot)

Anyway, I took the shade Hope (mauve cool toned brown – matte) into the crease and blended out as a transition shade.

 photo 20161204_105040_zps7kv7kqjw.jpg

Then with the shade Time, (warm toffee – matte) I deepened the crease.  Concentrating the pigment into the crease and the outer corner, coming down on the lid just a bit in the outer v.

 photo 20161204_105517_zpsccyiwzow.jpg photo 20161204_105515_zpsqlcugnhe.jpg

On a flat eyeshadow brush, I took Advance  (rose gold – metallic) onto the lid

 photo 20161204_105843_zpsxndj5vuq.jpg

Next, up, I grabbed one of the best drugstore finds of the fall, the Velour Vixen trio from Wet N Wild. While not all Wet N Wild eyeshadows are created equally, this one is bad ass. Great pigmentation, smooth and all around good.

 photo 20161205_055946_zpsh8cp7xgd.jpg
Wet N Wild Velour Vixen Trio

 photo 20161205_060011_zpsvxuc6inv.jpg

On a fluffy brush, I took the cranberry shade from the center of the palette and lightly blended it in the transition area. I mean lightly. I just wanted a hint of cranberry as a halo around the lid. This shade has a satin finish but it’s not super shiny so I feel like I can get away with putting it into the transition area with a light hand.

 photo 20161204_110048_zpsqlunb8bs.jpg

Next, on a small pencil brush, I took the “liner” shade which is a warm off-black with cranberry micro glitter. I used this shade in the outer corner to bring in some drama.

 photo 20161204_110358_zpswkrtr8bu.jpg photo 20161204_110400_zpspystbmjt.jpg

Then, I added a bit of highlight to the inner corner, I used a combination of the light shimmer shade from the Makeup Revolution Palette.

 photo 20161204_110605_zpsk4cqzp15.jpg

Moving on to liner I grabbed my trusty ELF Cream Liner.

 photo 20161205_060205_zpswrc30utg.jpg
ELF Cream Liner in Black

I decided to go with a short but thick wing that I feel flatters my hooded eyes the best. Then I set the cream liner with the “Liner” shade from the Velour Vixen trio. The glitters didn’t really translate in the pictures but there are some cranberry micro glitters in the liner.

 photo 20161204_120944_zpsdumjgyts.jpg photo 20161204_120945_zpscuchdnw1.jpg

On the lower lashline, I took just the cranberry shade from the Wet N Wild Velour Vixen Trio and softly blended it from the outer corner to inner, letting it fade into my inner corner highlight shade. At the very outer portion, I added a touch of the “Liner” shade of the same Wet n Wild trio. 
 photo 20161204_125202_zpspprdxxto.jpg

With a few coats of mascara, we’re done! I didn’t have a cruelty free drugstore mascara in hand so I used Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint.

 photo 20161204_125749_zpsmx6wecqb.jpg
 photo 20161204_125755_zpss1on5cwm.jpg

And that’s the finished eye.

Now for the skin! I started with priming my face using ELF Mineral Face Primer in the redness correct formula.

 photo 20161205_055925_zpshetfuwms.jpg
ELF Mineral Face Primer

Next, I did some color correcting and cream contouring.

 photo 20161204_123217_zpsrxt6dssk.jpg

 photo 20160509_192230_zps3boqppk2.jpg photo 20160509_192246_zpslkdcltur.jpg
For the color correcting I used the Makeup Revolution Color Correcting Palette.

 photo 20160509_214824_zpsre5436f1.jpg
NYX Highlight and Contour Palette

And the NYX Cream Highlight and Contour Palette. I have a full review of and demo of this here: NYX CREAM HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR PALETTE Review + Demo

I prefer applying the cream contour under my foundation because it blends it in perfectly and looks more natural.

 photo 20161204_123713_zps7n1f0cb2.jpg

Next, up I used my favorite foundation from the drugstore right now, the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation. I’m in the lightest shade. For my concealer, I used a combination of Nyx Gotcha Covered Concealer and the ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

 photo 20161115_160139_zpspttpu3o1.png
ELF Flawless Finish Foundation
 photo 20160907_082345_zpsjk4o9yvc.jpg
NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer
 photo 20160630_005010_zpstyps2ijo.jpg
ELF Undereye Concealer and Highlighter

Review here: e.l.f. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

 photo 20161204_124005_zpsi3cysvk0.jpg

And now I layer on a stupid amount of powder products. LOL. I set my undereye with the ELF HD powder and then the rest of my face with the Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. Yep, that’s supposed to be a bronzer… I’m crazy pale and this makes a lovely finishing powder on me. It has a slight sheen to it so it gives a nice radiance.

 photo 20160630_015049_zpszfyxcmkz.jpg
Wet N Wild Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana

Next, I contoured with the Wet N Wild Coloricon Contouring Palette which is now sold under the MegaGlow line, I think it’s the same, though. I’ll do some checking and let you know because this is the best pale girl contour at the drugstore since NYX Blush in Taupe (RIP) .  I see Nyx has these cute Cheek Contour Duo Palettes, anyone tried the taupe shade?

 photo wnw_zps483noibw.jpg

Next, I took the ELF Illuminating Palette and used it as I would the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and brushed off my undereye bake, and dusted it around my face with a light hand. These are a great dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders but they are more powdery and a tad more shiny so I use a light hand and knock my brush off.

 photo 20160614_074748_zpshfryre33.jpg
ELF Illuminating Palette

 photo 20161204_125433_zpszvyvxswh.jpg

For blush, I used Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore. My ride of die favorite blush from the drugstore, also very similar the Hourglass blushes.

 photo 20160907_082508_zpsxm3gylhn.jpg
Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore.

I warmed up my skin with the Physicians Formula BB Bronzer in light

 photo pixlr_20151219045029701_zps3ishrs9k.jpg
Physicians Formula BB  Bronzer in Light

Then I highlighted the cheekbones and all the usual areas with my new favorite highlighter ever. The Wet N Wild Highlighting Gold Bar. Seriously, this one is a treasure.

 photo 20161205_060021_zpsjknf4njt.jpg
Wet N Wild Highlighting Gold Bar
 photo 20161205_060041_zpsrlaw9ook.jpg
Wet N Wild Highlighting Gold Bar

Finally, the face is done, now for lips.
 photo 20161204_130936_zpsnvfowzn9.jpg

I used the Wet N Wild Liquid Lipstick in “Don’t Be a Plum Plum”. Not a bad liquid lipstick at all, but the wand sucks.

 photo 20161205_060110_zpsszyixyh6.jpg
Wet N Wild Liquid Lipstick in “Don’t be a Plum Plum”

 photo 20161204_131333_zps7juiilt3.jpg

I used a few spritzes of NYX Setting Spray in the Dewy formula and I was done!

 photo tumblr_nzltjv1vkY1tb1bqzo1_500_zps7qdpz5lr.gif
 photo 20161204_131317_zpswcpwrrng.jpg photo 20161204_131334_zps4ds7ognb.jpg photo Happy Holidays Gold_zpsprt9v7id.png

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

 photo vvaVrvrr_zpslhtr76pi.png



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    1. It’s hit or miss sometimes with ELF and Wet N Wild but, the products I used work excellent. Those are ones I go to on a regular basis because they work. The primer is a dead on dupe for the Smashbox photo finish primer, and the setting powder is pretty nice, not MUFE HD powder nice but pretty close. I can’t get over how well the ELF foundation performs. ELF has been stepping up there game.

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